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Away From The Light
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Away From The Light

After the Incident, 12 year old Matt went silent and fell into extreme depression. When he discovers a blind friend, Matt starts to reconnect. But his secrets can't stay inside forever about that day.

Chapter 1: ~No One Ever Told Me that Grief Felt So Much Like Fear~
Chapter 2: The Incident
Chapter 3: ~I Have Learned That Grief Is Just Another Word For Love~
Chapter 4: The Incident
Chapter 5: ~Grief Changes Shape But It Never Ends~
Chapter 6: The Incident
Chapter 7: ~Grief becomes a part of you, step for step, breath for breath. ~
Chapter 8: The Incident
Chapter 9: ~Grief Is Not As Heavy As Guilt, But It Takes More Away From You~
Chapter 10: The Incident
Chapter 11: ~No Matter How Bad Your Heart is Broken, The World Doesn’t Stop For Your Grief~
Chapter 12: The Incident
Chapter 13: ~Grief Is Love Turned Into An Eternal Missing~
Chapter 14: The Incident
Chapter 15: ~Don’t Grieve, Anything You Lose Comes Round In Another Form~
Chapter 16: The Incident
Chapter 17: ~There Is No Grief Like The Grief That Does Not Speak~
Chapter 18: The Incident
Chapter 19: ~To Weep Is To Make Less The Depth of Grief~
Chapter 20: The Incident
Chapter 21: ~Grief Had No Mercy, Time Limit, Or Expiration Date~
Chapter 22: The Incident
Chapter 23: ~When Grief Is Deepest, Words Are Fewest~
Chapter 24: The Incident
Chapter 25: ~Tears Are The Silent Language Of Grief~
Chapter 26: The Incident
Chapter 27: ~There Is No Pain So Great As The Memory Of Joy In Present Grief~
Chapter 28: The Incident
Chapter 29: ~You Don’t Get Over Grief, You Get Through It~
Chapter 30: The Incident
Chapter 31: ~Guilt Is Perhaps The Most Painful Companion To Death~
Chapter 32: The Incident
Chapter 33: ~Grief Makes The Deepest Wounds, Which Take The Longest To Heal~
Chapter 34: The Incident
Chapter 35: ~I Don’t Think Of All The Misery, But of All The Beauty That Remains~
Chapter 36: ~The Trouble Is, You Think You Have Time~
Chapter 37: The Incident
Chapter 38: ~All The Darkness In The World Cannot Extinguish The Light Of A Single Candle~
Chapter 39: The Incident
Chapter 40: ~Grief Takes People To a Place They Would Rather Not Go~
Chapter 41: The Incident
Chapter 42: ~There Is No Magic Date When A Window Can Leave Grief Behind~
Chapter 43: The Incident
Chapter 44: ~And We Wept That One So Lovely Should Have A Life So Brief~

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