“I’m Jack.” He said with a smirk. His violet eyes glimmered from behind his snow-white glasses, and his chocolate-brown hair was casually messy. He was not tall nor short, just average height, and his hoodie and jeans were covered in small dirt stains.
He let out a low whistle, as if he was trying to figure out how to start a conversation. It wouldn’t be much of a conversation though, given that my mouth was covered with a gag. Jack must’ve noticed that too, for he walked over to me and took the gag out of my mouth. I coughed to get my voice working again, and in a weak voice, I demanded “Why did you kidnap me?”
Jack smiled again. “Oh but that is the question, isn’t it Rose?” He said smoothly. Right then I got a chill. I was trying to calculate how old he was. He didn’t seem much older than me, maybe a year or so. I had never seen him before around the neighborhood or at the school. I didn’t know why or how he knew me.
Jack took off his work gloves and sat down in a chair, sighing and rubbing his temples. “If he wanted to kill me, he would’ve done it by now.” I thought, trying to calm my breathing. I didn’t want to appear scared. I tried to keep my voice strong, but it still faltered and came out shaky as I said, “Just give me an answer!”
Jack looked up. He raised one eyebrow at my sudden outburst. Then he smiled. “Okay.” He said. He walked over to one of the machines in the dark room and pressed a button on it. Suddenly it lit up, and a huge map showed, with little dots every few inches.
Jack smirked. “These,” He said, pointing to the dots on the screen. “Are every single person who can jump into alternate universes, like your friends, Josh and Jack. These people do not have a scientific name yet, (because most of them haven’t been noticed by science yet.) but I myself call them the “Galaxy Hoppers.” He chuckled. “But you don’t have to call them that if you don’t want to.”
He zoomed in on the one dot. “See this?” He said. “This is our location, and there is a Galaxy Hopper here! But the question is, is it you, me, or both of us?”
He chuckled again and winked. “Well, I have half of the answer for you. Take my hand.”
I had nothing better to do, so I took his hand, and suddenly the world around me dissolved, swirling into psychedelic colors and patterns as we hopped into a different universe.
This is the beginning of “Jack”!! I’m so happy we made it this far!
Okay, now I have a question for you, which would you rather have:
Jack jumps into fanfiction (I really like this idea, just saying.)
Jack jumps into movies (Also would be nice.)
Jack jumps into TV shows.
VOTE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW (rooting for fanfic jumping here, guys.)
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