By AbbyLovesCookies
Dear Diary
Chapter 1: Monday 9th Feb
Dearest Diary:
Guys I can’t believe this!
My mum got me a real diary!
Okay its not that exciting for you I’m guessing.
Anyway i’ll tell you how school went today. (it was great)
We got a new math teacher call Mr. Fox and yes he is exactly what he sounds like.
I’m sooooo glad our old one left because hes always sooooo grumpy :(
Our math test was super easy as well because it was questions like this 5679347593485783 x 0!
How easy is that!
Reading is my FAV subject because we always get to work down in the library!
So peaceful.....
All we did was read!
Sorry can’t talk mums calling me down for dinner!
From: Abby (who loves cookies)
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