a story back in time
I went into my father’s study, eager to hear what he was going to tell me, or give me.
It was the 31st December, my birthday and my father had called me over to talk to me.
“Ah, Scarlet, you’re here,” he said excitedly. He was very fidgety and looked very excited, but I saw a hint of nervousness on his face too.
“This may sound a bit weird, but I’m sure you’re going to find it fun and exciting,” he started. “This has passed from generation to generation in our family and now it’s time for me to give it to you, like my father gave to me and you will give to your children.”
I had butterflies in my stomach and I was sitting at the edge of the chair, waiting to see what my father has to say.
“This is my present to you on your 12th birthday,” he told me. “It’s the ability to go back in time.”
My face lit up with excitement, but then I had some questions that needed to be answered, and they were overpowering the feeling of happiness and excitement that I had before.
“To do what?” I asked. “Travel back in time to do what?”
“You can go to any date in any month in any year that you want that you obviously lived in to change anything you want, something that you did bad to something good and do it over again,” he explained. “Think wisely, because you can only go once in your whole lifetime.”
“Wait! When can I go? How long can I stay there?” I asked.
“You can go today, and come back before midnight, or else...” he trailed off.
“Or else what?” I asked wanting to know more.
“You’ll be stuck there,” he replied.
That was a bit scary, the fact that you’ll be stuck back in time, seeing every day of your life again, lie a video clip being played all over again.
“Are you ready?” he asked.
“I think so,” I replied. I hope so.
“Well, let me take you to the machine,” he told me. “Come this way.”
He squeezed his and behind the chest of drawers and pulled back a lever. A small rumble was heard and a small passageway appeared under the table. We pushed the table back and made our way down the spiral staircase, which was slippery and the steps were small.
“Be careful not to slip,” he said.
“I never knew that there was more rooms underneath our house,” I told him in amusement.
“There is more than this,” he replied.
The staircase came to an end, and we stepped into a huge room. A gigantic sundial glowed in the centre of the room.
“We’re fifty metres underground,” he said.
“Fifty!” I exclaimed.
“That machine is the thing that is going to teleport you to any date you want to go back to,” he explained. “Don’t forget to choose wisely.”
“What do I need to do?” I questioned.
“You’ll see some words in front of you when the sun dial starts to turn, say them out loud and start to think when you want to go back to. Pull the lever and say the date, then wait until the machine stops turning,” he explained.
“Wait,” I said. I noticed that I had missed out on something very important. “How can I get back? Will I have to find the sundial?”
“Good question,” he replied. “You just need to say ‘Teleport me to my time, as I have erased the bad and did the good’.”
“How will I remember that?” I asked?
My father scribbled something on a paper and gave it to me, “If you forget it, read this.”
“Ok,” I said,
“Good luck!” he told me.
“Bye,” I replied and put the note in my pocket.
I climbed up onto the sundial and took a last glimpse of my father. the wheel started to turn round and round maniacally and the words appeared on the floor, “To this date take me back to erase the bad and do the good.”
I began to think hard about when I wanted to go back. I began to think of times when someone hurt me, when I was bullied, when someone told me something bad. But then I thought of when I had hurt someone. I remembered when I had said some bad words to my father and when I laughed at my friend because she fell and when she got a wrong answer in Maths. But then I thought about my dear mother, she had died a few months before, because I had told her some very bad words that I never wanted to tell her.
Then I pulled the lever and shouted, “Take me back to March 17th of this year 2017.”
The machine began to spin more and more, getting faster by the second. It created a wall around me. I heard a noise and saw some movement around me.
All of a sudden, the noise stopped and I was in my room, wearing a hoodie and ripped jeans. I’m back in time! I better go, because I only have a bit of time left.
I looked at my watch, the time was 4:15.
I went to the living room. Mum was still shopping for groceries and wouldn’t be back by 5:00, so I had to wait.
I went on the sofa and looked at my mobile. There was a message from mum, Start your homework, I might come late.
I had forgotten that she came home late that day. I was going to send her, Ok, but then I thought that it would be unusual for me as I hated doing homework before, so I deleted the message.
I went back to my room to start my homework. I had English, German, Maths and Biology. I started with English. I had to answer questions about the poem that we were doing in class.
About an hour and a half later, my mum came knocking on the door, then she came in. I think she imagined that I would be sleeping, but I was actually doing my German homework.
“Hello,” I said.
“I see you’re doing homework,” she said.
I nodded.
“Did you do a lot of it?” she questioned.
“Almost all of it,” I replied.
“You can stop if you want,” she told me.
“Thanks!” I exclaimed.
“Come for lunch!” my mum shouted.
The time was 7:30. I had less than 5 hours left.
“Coming,” I said. This was when we fought, we fought about food, which is bizarre.
I went into the dining room, “Ew! Fish.” My plan was to start the fight, but then stop and say sorry, so it would be fine.
“Don’t start again!” mother told me.
“But you know that I hate fish!” I screamed.
“Well today I did this, tomorrow, I’ll do what you want,” she replied.
“You never do what I want!” I exclaimed.
“Are you serious?! Yesterday I did pasta, something that you YOU like, you LOVE it!” she shouted at the top of her lungs.
“You’re right,” I said. “Sorry.”
“It’s ok, everyone has a time like this,” she replied.
“I’m sorry mum,” I said and hugged so tight. “ I love you.”
Dad came home, “You look like you haven’t seen her for a long time.”
Well actually, I did.
“Do you want to go for a drive around the block after we eat?” she asked.
“No, no, no!” I exclaimed. “I mean, no thank you.”
I couldn’t risk losing her again, after I came this far, she had died in a car accident when she left home in anger, and never came back, then the police called us to inform us that she died in a car accident.
“Do you want to watch a film?” she asked.
“I would agree to that,” I replied.
So we ate the fish, which was in fact quite good, I took a bath, then we started to see ‘Thor’. We ended up sleeping at 11:30.
“Good night Scarlet, my flower,” mum told me with the softest, sweetest voice before I slept.
All of a sudden, I remembered that I needed to go back home, to my time.
I searched in my pockets, but there was nothing, so I went to my wardrobe and rummaged through my clothes, until I found the jeans that I was wearing, I checked in all the pockets and finally, I found the paper.
I said, “Teleport me to my time, as I erased the bad and did the good.”
After a while, a gust of wind blew through the window, then I was back home, in the present.I looked at the clock, it had just struck midnight. I’m right in time.
My father was there, sleeping on a rusty, old chair, I went to wake him up, “Wake up father! I’m back!”
“Happy new year!” I heard a group of people shouting from upstairs.
“How did you go?” he asked. “Is there someone upstairs?”
“Well, let’s go find out!” I exclaimed.
We ran up the stairs cautiously as can be, we ran out of the study. I didn’t noticed that I was wearing a glittery dress. When we went out of the study, we saw a very big christmas tree.
Then I saw my mum’s beautiful, curly hair popping from behind the wall, “Where were you! I’ve been looking for you all over the house!”
My father looked stunned and surprised, but definitely happy.
We all hugged each other. This is going to be a great year.
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