ever since we first met
The cafe downtown
“And then, he like, messed up my make-up and then stomped out of my room! Like, how annoying is that, Jess?”
I secretly rolled my eyes and smiled. Alicia may be annoying, but she is my only friend. She’s been talking about her rule-breaking cousin Bobby Lee for AGES, and I hope she talks about something else. I sip my hot chocolate and sit back, blocking out Alicia’s never-ending speech.
I look around, sinking everything.
A noisy family behind us.
A couple infront of us.
A lonely girl next to Alicia.
A cute guy and an old guy next to me.
A cute guy? I sipped my hot chocolate and secretly take a peek out of the corner of my eye.
Oh wow
He’s darn cute. Wait—
He’s looking at me too! Out of the corners of his eyes! Our eyes suddenly lock, and-
I like him. I start blushing at the thought of this, and he does too. Wow. Talk about awkward.
Uh oh. My watch is ringing. I gotta go back home. I say bye to Alicia and take a last look at the boy.
I run off home.
Taking glances behind me.
Glancing at the boy.

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