Nobody’s perfect. At least, that’s what they say.
The year was 2176.
The United States was closed off. No one could get in, no one could get out. The people started to riot, causing a war that started out between just the government and a small group of people.
Then others got involved. Those on the government’s side who wanted the wall to stay joined together and created an unstoppable army. Those who wanted the wall torn down joined together, creating a strong army of both men and women. They were known as the Rebels.
But, of course, the government won. Strong doesn’t beat unstoppable.
Many started to ask why. Why did they win? What did they have that the Rebels didn’t?
The answer: Magic.
We’ve all got a magical power, whether we realize it or not. Our powers are little things that you just think are coincidences.
For example, your friend that can always open soda bottles without them exploding? That’s her power. That boy in class who never drops anything? Magic. When you’re thinking of a song and then it comes on the radio? That is magic.
Some people, however, had magical powers that were better. Superstrength. Telepathy. Phycics. The government took their DNA and made new people in labs. They were their secret weapons.
After finding out this shocking information, the Rebels built their unstoppable army, starting another war, and almost won. Almost.
This war was known as the Battle of the Cities. In the end, the government said that only six cities should remain, Houston, Dallas, Orlando, Los Angeles, New Orleans, and New York. After some time, the rebels agreed.
So every city other than those listed became roads, for travelers. At first, everyone was crammed into New York, but that didn’t work. So the government decided that each city should have a specific job. Chicago was supposed to make supplies, Houston was to provide food, Orlando was where sick people were flown to, the government stayed in Las Angeles, people were made normal and perfect in labs in Dallas, and in New York, people were to live in peace and harmony.
However, some of the Rebels hid in other parts of the country, instead of living this perfect life. Some decided to come into New York, but the government would have them tested and they’d have to leave the country for good. These genetically perfect people were the only ones who were allowed in the U.S.
One girl, however, changed this. This is her story.

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