“Mark...wake up I need to throw up!!!” I screamed. I jumped out of bed and ran for the bathroom. I turned on the light. My face was green and my eyes were red. I opened the toilet bowl and started to throw up. I stopped. “MARK...MARK I need you!!” I cried. The throwing up started again. This time even more. I heard someone running. “Katy, what...Are you okay?” Mark asked with a worried face. I could not answer from all the throwing up. Finally (after like 10 minutes,) I stopped. “Yeah, I dont know what happened. It started from yesterday. I was dizzy. I dont know what is happening. I walked to our bed and went to sleep. I had severe cramps and was soo dizzy. After a couple of minutes, the throwing up started. I heard the ambulance siren. A couple of minutes later, I am in the ambulance truck and Mark is standing next to me. “Its going to be alright Katy. Don’t worry.” Mark said.”Move out the away everyone. Sick Person. MOVE!!”Yelled a nurse. “Ok, we are going to ask you some questions and run some tests. First, are you taking any medications?” “No,”I answered. The doctor kept going on with the questions “Ok, we are going to run the tests.” Said the doctor. They took me into a weird room. They told Mark to get out. They put me sleep. After a few hours, I heard two doctors talking. “How come she didn’t tell us. It could have died!” “I know, do you think she knew?” “She would have told us... right?” “I am not sure. Shhh... she’s waking up!” What were they talking about??? My heart was beating fast. “Good Morning Katy!” said the doctor. “We have something to share with you. But we are not sure if you already know.” “Wha..What?” I replied. “Your PREGNANT!!!” They yelled together. “OMG..OMG..OMG!!!!!

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