Babysitter club
Our Club -Mckayla
Hi! My name is Mckayla Mamore, I like the guitar and to sing. I have curly blonde hair and braces. I am the secondary of the club,the principal of the group is obviously Rebecca Ronald with long wavy brown hair and dark brown eyes, she is a singer and the queen bee of everything! She is rich and has a small posse to eat her up. She reminds me of Amanda the treasurer who is rich also and always wears a fluffy white coat with leopard print leggings. She was pretty curly blonde hair with sky blue eyes.
With those two comes Emerson, who is sort of shy but loves puzzles and riddles, she has blue eyes with freckles and short dirty blonde hair. The final member is Ashley Johnston,she has long curly brown hair and hazel eyes. My best best best friend in the world is Ashley.

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Chapter 2

Wilson’s kids -Ashley

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