Baseball has always been matthew’s favorite sport
Baseball As My Life
Get To Know Me
Everyone has a passion; an adoration. Something they are good at and will spend their entire life on it. Whether it’s books or academic achievement. Some devote their devote their entire lifetime to sports; basketball, football, or volleyball. I’m one of those people. My life revolves around baseball.
I am short, have dark brown hair, and I guess, a baby face. So many people tease me about it, but I’m fast. And if I choose to, I can throw a few good punches, from the practice of swinging a baseball bat.
I have an older brother and he’s a sport guy, like me, but he’s not into baseball. He favors football, the sport most people love. His hair is a lighter than mine and he has a few muscles. I guess that’s why they picked him for the school football team. He’s a couple of years older than me and a has a couple of girls crushing on him.
Although, I think, my mom favors me more than my brother. She has brown hair like my brother and she’s fast, like me. She used to be on the track team when she was in high school. She’s a caring woman and always understands our problems. My dad is a bit different from her.
He has blond hair, so I don’t know how I got my dark colored hair. He’s a football guy, like my brother, and is always glued to the television whenever there’s a football game. He’s usually jolly and good-tempered, unless a game comes on or there’s a political debate. He’s into politics and it does make sense why, since he’s a lawyer.
Despite our differences, my family is pretty close. We love our dog, Canine, a German Shepard. And no, she’s not mean. In fact, she’s very friendly. With her, I get to practice my pitching skills while she plays fetch with me.
My name is Matthew.
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