Their kingdom depends on it. A “Choose your own story” Book
A Lady-Like Manner
Worth Running For
Amaryllis ran from the palace with Seraphinia struggling to keep up.
“Wait, wait!” Seraphinia cried. She then bent over, hands on her knees, gasping for air. Wisps of her long blonde hair dangled out of her tight bun.
“Come on, Fyn, it’s not that far! Let’s go, before a guard catches us!” Amaryllis urged her sister.
Seraphinia, or Fyn, was just as much a tomboy as her twin sister, but had less endurance and was, in general, more delicate than Amaryllis. This, of course, had nothing to do with the fact that Seraphinia was 4 minutes younger than her sister. Being the delicate China she was, she often couldn’t keep up.
Amaryllis ran back to where her sister was resting and straightened her sister’s stance.
“It’s not that far, Fyn, we’re almost there.” Seraphinia nodded quickly, and jogged the rest of the way with Amaryllis keeping her up. At last, they arrived.
“Oh, it’s so beautiful here...” Seraphinia said in awe. She’d been to the falls before, but they never ceased to lose their majesty.
“Worth running all that way for, huh?” Amaryllis teased. Seraphinia rolled her eyes.
“Yeah, yeah, yeah.”
Amaryllis pulled her ball gown over her head to reveal a jungle-leaf pattern bikini bathing suit. Seraphinia did the same, exposing a sky blue one-piece bathing suit with an attached blue frill skirt. Amaryllis dove into the deep, clear spring, sending ripples to meet the water that was dancing around the bottom of Falconfeather Fall. Seraphinia climbed carefully down the boulders surrounding the pool, easing herself into the cold water.
The few fish in the spring crowded around Seraphinia’s feet when she stepped in, tickling her. She laughed.
After a few hours, the excitement faded and the girls resorted to boredly floating around, trying to get the most out of their escape from royalty. The only thing Amaryllis liked about being a princess was that she had a born right to boss people around.
“Aryl.” Seraphinia broke the silence.
“Yeah, Fyn?” Amaryllis responded absentmindedly, watching her long brown hair float on the water’s surface.
“I wish people didn’t expect us to be so perfect,” Fyn sighed. “If only we could live like peasant children, just for a day.” Amaryllis nodded sympathetically.
“Yeah...” Amaryllis stared off into space, as if contemplating something. “Although, I do-“ She stopped. She listened. “What was that?” Seraphinia stopped and listened, too. Then she screamed.
“NO! NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!!” Six tense figures had emerged from the brush surrounding Falconfeather Spring.
The man in charge of the rescue mission shouted in relief at the sight of the two princesses.
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