I was by the dinner table, having dinner with my family. I chewed the pasta shaped like little shells. It was so delicious.
My little sister, Lisa was only five, and still didn’t seem to accept things the way they were. Mainly because she couldn’t differenciate fantasy and reality. Now that I think about it, it just may be a common thing for five-year-olds.
“Mommy, why are we eating shells?” She asked. She wasn’t asking me, so I decided not to say anything. “Its delicious,” mom replied. “I don’t think we should be eating shells mommy. It would hurt the ermt crabs inside.” She said.
Crabs?? Could my sister please not burst my bubble? And the answer to that; unexpectedly not. I didn’t like crabs at all. After the time one pinched me when I was Lisa’s age. And the thought of eating something which is shaped like what crabs live in...not a good thought.
“Its called a hermit crab,” mom corrected her. The look on my face at the time seemed to catch Lisa’s eye, and she decided to make it worse.
“Even if this is food, crabs could have mistaken it for shells, and lived in it before it was seperated and cooked.” She said.
This time, I ran to the bathroom. I had to vomit so bad. Okay, go ahead and say I’m a kid. Worse than her.
Realizing my sister’s smartness, I decided to be extra careful around her. Who knows? If she got hold of my notebook, she would spread all my embarrasing times written in it around the family.
When I came back, my plate and the food had disappeared. Good thing, I wouldn’t wanna see that again.
Yes, I wouldn’t wanna go anywhere near a crab. Or spiders. I say nobody should go anywhere near a spider. If you do, don’t say I didn’t warn you once it injects the venom.
All of a sudden, mom announced that we were leaving on a road trip, and we had to take our swim suits. We were going to go to the west of the state to the beach. Then we were going camping for a week. We were going there in dad’s van.
“We are going to the beach? Are there gonna be any crabs there?” I asked. “Sister, its okay if you wait here. I’ll bring you back a crab if you want one so bad!” Said Lisa.
Why do I feel like I’m the little sister now?
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