Beatrice vs. World
Morning Part 1
Beatrice woke to the sound of her dog barking.
“Frankie, it’s only-“ she stopped to check her digital alarm clock. “6:27.”
Beatrice flopped back on her bed and closed her eyes. Almost immediately they snapped open again.
“Frankie, it’s only 6:30!”
Again she tried to go back to bed, and again her labrador prevented her from doing just that.
“Frankie! Shut your mouth!”
It only worked for about 3 minutes.
“Fine,” said Beatrice, holding up her hands in surrender. “Fine. I give up, Frankie. I’ll get up. Whatever.”
Beatrice got out of bed and dressed for school. Then she turned on her laptop, typed in and began writing:
Once there was a girl named Beatrice. She had a really obnoxious dog named Frankie. Beatrice lived in Indiana. It was mostly boring in Indiana, but one day something unusual happened....
She hit Save & Exit and closed her laptop.
Well, she thought. Today is gonna be good.
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