Who knew being perfect was such hard work?
Book One of The You Series
“Ick, you again.” Avery spat as she walked by me, “Mia, you REALLY should try wearing some makeup, it might fix,” Avery lifted a hand up and motioned towards my face, “that. Ahahaha.” She chuckled as she walked away, Grace and Sofia, her two clones, walked away, chuckles turning into sneers.
“Ugh, they are SO annoying!” Chloe says behind me, grabbing my arm, “C’mon Mia, let’s go. We’ll be late for class.” I turn around, blinking tears out of my eyes. I know Avery just says that stuff to get a reaction out of me, it’s just it really does hurt.
“Hey, don’t cry!” Nora says, walking up behind me. Nora and Chloe are my two best friends. They’re at the same popularity level as me. Which is:
Popular enough for Avery and her friends to bully us.
“Yeah, she’s not nearly as cool as you!” Chloe adds. I try to smile, but it hurts still. We walk into room number 173.
“Okay, class. So, I have some BIG news!” Mr. K, our teachers says as we walk in, “So, three kids have needed to switch classes, due to bullying! So, meet Avery, Grace, and Sofia!” And in strutted the Terrible Trio, acting like fashion models.
“WHAT?!” Nora half shouts in my ear, “Mr. K, what’s going on here?”
Mr. K turned and raised an eyebrow at Nora, “Ms. Smith, we do not shout in here, thank you.” Nora blushed, “But Avery, Sofia, and Grace were having some bullying problems in their old class, so they were moved here. I’m sure we’ll make them feel right at home.”
My life is so imperfect. I’m not pretty. Sure I’m smart, but look how far that’s gotten me on the popularity train. Class was one of the only places I’m free from the Terrible Trio. But they’ve intruded on me once again.
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