Beauty lies in the heart
beauty lies in the heart
chapter 1
Once lived a women in Indian village called Rani as her name she was really beautiful as queens do and even proud that she is the one who is really beautifull in whole village . She was born in a rich family and finally married to the son of the headman in the village .
Now she was very proud then before because her husband (the son of headman) was the handsome man in the village not only this reason but also she became richer then before . The headman ‘s son’s name was Veer
Veer was really good and caring person , he was not greedy as his wife and he dont want to be rich he liked simplicity .
One day Rani was passing through the river with her rich friend who was proud as her, she noticed a girl standing near the river the girl’s mother was the servant in Rani’s house . The girl’s name was Gita she was so simple and kind though she was poor she is happy.
Rani was so bad that she likes to tease others that they are ugly and it was her servant’s daughter so there was no issue . so Rani wispered in her friend’s ear about her plan and both went near her and pushed her in the water she was about to fall in the river but a hand to help her was Veer ,he catched her from falling Rani was shocked and dont want to make a issue infront of his husband so hardly said sorry to her and left the place as soon as possible with her friend .
But she want to take a revenge with her because she haven’t apologize any one in her life so she was waiting for a chance.
The next day she was thinking about the Pooja (religious function) and what to were on it and how to do hair styles and all . suddenly Veer entered the room and said Rani can you bring me some tea he said . But she did not respond he repeated but no respond so he did it on his own.
After an hour she came to Veer and asked , “ yes dear do you need some thing “ he was shocked he told her to go and help his mom and went disapointed . As he went to the village side to see the people working for the festival at temple .
This was the great chance to Rani to get revenge, so she left home . With her pet dog Raju, it is a very dangerous dog who is only controlled by Rani and Veer so she took it to Gita.
Gita was making her hair and suddenly saw Raju she was so scared .
she dont know what to do so she started running towards the field .
and now that was the time Veer entered the feild he saw Gita running he was not in that intention to do that but he ran down to control Raju but his leg slipped and he fell on her and both rolled down the feild . Rani became very angry as she scolded him after he came home , “ your telling your self that you are my husband and the work you are doing is like you are hers .”
she said. before she could finished he slaped her and said, “ how can you think like that I was coming to catch Raju but this happened I didn’t want this from you . “ He said and left the room and went to sleep in the backward . In the morning Rani tried to talk to Veer but he ignored and also it dosen’t mattered her. Many weeks they didnt talk he was sad and didn’t interfered in any of her conversation and she was enjoing her life with his money .And finally one day Rani was going to forest to pick herbs for her face treatment and as she was searching for herbs she went deep into the forest and soon she was tired so sat down the tree to take rest suddenly a hungry wolf appered in front of her she screamed and started running the wolf chased her and then a big sound heared from her backside that was Gita who came to forest for firewoods she hit the wolf with the woods to save her.
soon they both run out of the forest and Rani don’t know what to tell she fell in Gita’s legs she begged her to forgive her . Then Veer came to her said that you should realise the being rich and beautiful does not matters the humanity . After that Rani apolagize to every one they all lived happily .

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