Book 1 in the Deadly KNowledge trilogy
Becoming 31415
Recording 906
Recording in 3....2....1....Recording started
“This is on, correct?.....Alright, it is. Young man, my name is Charles. I am recording the conversation for the sake of memory, nothing more.”
“Yeah, right.”
“I will pretend I didn’t hear that. Now, you have had time to think on my offer. What is your answer?”
“Where are you keeping Maria?”
“That was a question, not an answer. Now, will you help us or not? We could use a great mind like yours.”
“I don’t think I have a great mind.”
“You got an improbably high test score.”
“You said ‘improbable’, not ‘impossible’. I thought 30 was the highest test score.”
“You are not asking the questions, I am. So? Yes or no?”
Warning: recording storage almost full.
“I...If I say yes, will you take me to Maria?”
“As long as you are really agreeing to help us.”
“I’ll never help you.”
“Is that your final answer?”
“Well, I-
Recording storage full.
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