Book 1 in the Deadly KNowledge trilogy
Becoming 31415
Recording 907
Recording in 3....2....1....Recording started
“Hello. How are you?”
“I was fine until you came in here.”
“Now, now, you agreed to help us. We’re on the same side.”
“If we were on the same side, you would take me to Maria.”
“You can see your sister soon. For now, though, there is something I need you to do.”
“Please, read this paper and sign it. Or, if you can’t read, I can summarize what it says.”
“I can read, I ain’t stupid!”
“Well, then, would you like to read it?”
“No, that’s WAY to long!”
“Well, then, I’ll tell you.”
“By signing this, you are agreeing to help us, which you already have done, and also agreeing not to tell anyone.”
“Not even Maria?”
“She has agreed to sign this to. You guys can talk to each other only.”
“Well, I guess....”
“Alright then! Sign here.”
Recording ended
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