Book 1 in the Deadly KNowledge trilogy
Becoming 31415
Routine and Numbers
Every day I report to a lab. The shining brass plate outside it says, “Lab test room 7”. I haven’t ever seen the other lab test rooms, but then again, I haven’t been around much of the building. While inside the lab, they hook me up to this computer, tell me to relax, then dim the lights and leave the room. They stay out for who knows how long, then come in to tell me it’s lunch time. I hurry to the break room, eat for the allotted 30 minutes, and reluctantly go back into the dark room until curfew.
We all have numbers. They are like our names, everyone calls us by them. The gruff workers I run into on the way to the lab, the snobbily dressed men and women waiting in the break room, the people in the lab with their perfectly creased white lab coats, they all have little numbers pinned to their outfits. I have one too. My little tag reads “31415”.
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