Becoming Lady Josceline
The Streets
When I was a little girl, I always dreamed of being a princess. I always wondered what it would be like to wear a big, beautiful dress and a bejeweled crown. To be courted by a handsome prince. To live in a ginormous castle.I thought that princesses had no struggles or problems, all they had to worry about was their looks and their crowns. I know better now.
I was the farthest thing from a princess. My Mother died of the plague when I was young, and my father went crazy after she died, so he left me on the streets to be a beggar. Most of my life I have survived on the scraps of food that people throw at me and lived with the rats that infested the streets. I had but one dress, made of old, faded rags, that a girl threw away. I was the farthest thing from a princess, yet I still dreamed of being one. And my journey to becoming one was extrodanary. And so my story begins,
When I awoke at dawn, I opened my eyes to see my best (and only)friend, Ackerly, asleep next to me. We had both been living on the streets sense we were young. He is two years older than me, and he took me under his wing ever sense we meet. When my Father threw me out, eight years ago, Ackerly helped me out and he allowed me to live on “his” street corner with him. I stared down at him. He had Beutiful green eyes and even though his hair was dirty, it was the most unique and wonderful shade of brown. He had freckles that complimented his snow-white complexion, and high cheek bones that made him have dimples whenever he laughed. I loved him. He loved me. Suddenly, he awoke and sat up with a yawn. He smiled at me, with his beautiful eyes staring into mine. I would give anything to be abled to see those eyes one last time. Anything. “Good morning Ackerly.” I said cheerfully “What’s good about it?” He asked with a grim face.He never really was happy. He had been through so much, that I hardly ever even got him to laugh. He was the youngest of thirteen children, and his parents hadn’t had enough money to keep him, so they took him to an orphanage when he was a week old.He was abused and neglected at the orphanage. When he was seven years old, he and his friend, Darthan, ran away. Darthan was caught and was stoned to death by the whole village. Ackerly had to leave his village and come here to Sagen Village because he was afraid that he would suffer the same fate. When he saw my father leaving me on the streets, it reminded him of what his parents did, that’s why he took such a liking to me. “Josceline?” Whispered Ackerly, “Who are those people coming towards us?” I looked up from my thoughts and saw King Fernan’s guards coming towards us. “Those are the King’s guards” I whispered back. They were getting closer. Finally, they stopped in front of us and said, “The King has ordered that all of the streets people be moved into the dungeon, to clean up the streets. You both are under arrest.” I looked at Ackerly. “Run!” He screamed. We both ran as fast as we could as the guards chased us closely behind.
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