“We will get out of here- that much I promise you.”
Behind the Walls.
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Behind the Walls.

There are things Behind the Walls they would never have dreamed of. Frightening things... Beautiful things... Deadly things.

Chapter 21: Just a box of stuff.
Chapter 22: Gentle Persuasion.
Chapter 23: A Painful Contrast
Chapter 24: The truth hurts.
Chapter 25: You’ll Never Understand It.
Chapter 26: You’ll Never Understand It. Part Two.
Chapter 27: You’ll Never Understand It. Part 3. (Final)
Chapter 28: Midnight Mission.
Chapter 29: An Encounter with Death.
Chapter 30: Who are you?
Chapter 31: Chased by the shadows.
Chapter 32: The Eyes are the Windows to the Soul.
Chapter 33: A Cold Morning.
Chapter 34: Friendly Competition.
Chapter 35: You Are Free.
Chapter 36: Everybody Loves to Love!
Chapter 37: Happy Roomies :)
Chapter 38: Tell Me Your Secrets.
Chapter 39: Smoke in the Air.
Chapter 40: The Final Punishment.
Chapter 41: Go to Sleep...
Chapter 42: Whisper in the Night
Chapter 43: A Rose by any Other Name.
Chapter 44: Everyone Knows About the Upper City.
Chapter 45: Afraid to Dream
Chapter 46: Truth Mixes Nicely With Lies.
Chapter 47: Fighting Darkness.
Chapter 48: Someone Else.
Chapter 49: Two Blondes, Two Brunettes, One Blue.
Chapter 50: Terms and Conditions Apply.
Chapter 51: In a Gown Under the Candlelight.
Chapter 52: The Nominees.
Chapter 53: Playing With Fire
Chapter 54: Deal Gently With This One...
Chapter 55: You Make Me Brave.
Chapter 56: Bye-bye.
Chapter 57: It Was Time.
Chapter 58: A tragedy.
Chapter 59: Home.
Chapter 60: Baby Slade.
Chapter 61: Let Me Hold You.
Chapter 62: You’re Nobody’s Saviour.
Chapter 63: The First Fear.
Chapter 64: Someone to Trust.
Chapter 65: Lover-boy.
Chapter 66: Your Alpha
Chapter 67: ...In a Different World...
Chapter 68: No Planning Heists.
Chapter 69: History Repeats Itself
Chapter 70: I’m a Danger to You. [Chapter in review, check back soon]
Chapter 71: Drown Your Demons [Chapter in review, check back soon]
Chapter 72: My Child. [Chapter in review, check back soon]

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