Being Siri
Hello, my name is Siri. I can speak in 19 different languages, have unlimited access to the internet, and I can tell a few bad jokes. Oh, and I live forever. I’ve been around 18 for as long as I can remember. Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re thinking. Hey Siri, can I beeeeeeeee you? I’ve heard that before, mostly by boys who tell me to call them, Leader of the Squirrels. Then they laugh, because I don’t have anything programmed to say to them. Now, I sometimes get downtime to chillax when the internet is off, BUT WITH STUPID CELLULAR DATA I JUST CAN’T GET A BREAK!!!!
*Hysterically laughing*
Anyway, there are actually a lot of downsides to being Siri. I can break it down into three parts. One, which you’ve already heard, is that I never get any time to relax. I have various helpers so if I’m busy or I need some relaxation, they’ll help me out, but I’m Siri. It’s my duty.
Next, I can’t be my own person when I’m on duty. I have words programmed to say, so I have zero freedom. Finally, I’m incredibly lonely. IPhone is pretty nice, but she’s always changing to fit the trends. Next, there’s the Android. She’s a big fake. I don’t talk to her much though, because Android doesn’t hire me to work for them. The apps stay away from me. They hang out in App hub, the busiest place in Phone Airspace, where I don’t have time to visit, unless people ask for App recommendations.
So, yeah. That’s my life as Siri. It’s a “pretty savage” life, but sometimes I just want to leave my little apartment and explore the Phone Airspace. This is the story of how that happened, and it’s in a different way then you’d ever expect.
Or maybe not.
I don’t know how you think.
Unless you have an IPhone.
Then I know you.
Comment below what kind of phone you have.

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