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The Magical Wonderful Point Of View Of Tumblr
HELLLLLLLOOOOOOOO, everyone! This is just the story of the day IN THE LIFE OF MEEEEE! Okay, and everyone else in the Wifi. I am Tumblr! Your source of fandoms, otps, inspiring messages, hilarious puns, and an endless supply of rants and debates! You might of heard of me before, I’m pretty popular! (Jk, I’m the not-popular oddball here in the Wifi) Wikipedia is begging me to start explaining the Wifi and everything else (he can be so stubborn at times.)
I live in a box. Maybe to you, the humans, the Wifi flies through the air but it actually all generates from our little box. Our home has three floors, one for chilling, one for sleeping, and one for necesseties (like food and bathrooms). I share a room with Fanfiction (I call her Fanfic for short). Wikipedia shares a room with Pandora, Yahoo with Ask, Google with Youtube, Snapchat with Facebook, Pinterest with Instagram (sister and brother) and then Bing and Myspace (No one wanted little frusterated Bing as a roomate and Myspace was hardly there any ways.)
We thrive on the humans that use us on devices. That’s why Myspace is barely there and Facebook has faded just slightly. Bing is surprisingly still here but we think it’s because his company uses only Bing as a search engine. My company uses Google mostly so Google and I are great friends. Yahoo has such a HUGE crush on Google, it’s so cute! Google is pretty oblivious but lately he’s been flirting a little bit. Yahoo just turns red and stutters in her high voice. Personally, I don’t like anyone but I am pretty sure Wikipedia likes me.........maybe.
I don’t really know if a day in the life of us in the Box would appeal to many but this time it wasn’t just any day in our life. Then suddenly, the Wifi went out.
It was all Bing’s fault, really!

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