Bella isn’t any ordinary girl. However she lives in a lonely world, outcasted from her home, sent to a place far away and unknown. Left to fend for herself, without family, without friends, in a place where space never truly ends.
How could everyone be so cruel and unfair, to leave beautiful Bella with the long blonde hair?
As the story is told. A few mere months ago, Bella was being a bit to big for her britches, and acting way to cocky and bold.
Bella refused to mind her parents, like she was told to do, and she didn’t clean her towering mess of a destroyed room....
One late night while Bella’s parents were out, she decided to call up a bunch of her so called friends. They were a rowdy, tough, loud crowd.
Welp, before Bella could blink a eye... A party got started, and everything began to get way out of hand. There had been garbage thrown all out on her parents property and on their land.
Bella looked all around, windows were being broken, furniture too. There was no end to all the trash.
Bella didn’t know what to do. The stereo system was blurring music out, if she tried to voice her opinion, nobody could hear her shout. So she partied along with her misfit friends. All along knowing that it wasn’t the right thing to do. But she couldn’t settle down the motley crew.
Before Bella knew it the police had been called, they busted in and took her, along with her friends.
Now they all were sitting behind a jail block wall. That’s when Bella heard her dad, just down the hall. He was talking to the sheriff, and she heard him exclaim; “I’m pressing charges against all those tough kids, they’re going to learn something for what they did!” “Unlock my daughter, I am taking her home!”
Bella had thought she’d been saved, without having to face any punishment. That was until she looked into her dad’s eyes. They were darker than she had ever seen them before. However her dad said nothing at all, as he grabbed her by the arm, and walked her to the car door.
On the drive back, no words were spoken. Bella sighed in relief. She didn’t know what her punishment would be once they got home. She felt somewhat blessed at the moment. But Bella also felt blue. She found her braking point, and she was scared. Finally she felt a sense of remorse, deep down inside the pit of her belly.
“Just what am I supposed to do now, except set and cry?” Bella sighed.
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