Parents have gone missing and kids need to find out what happened.
Ben The Detective
Ben was walking through the park, listening to his favorite song, Show Her Love. Ben and his friends were having some fun and playing with each other. He had three friends.
Gala. She was great at skate-boarding. She was twelve. Ben was only ten. “Sick moves, Gala,” Ben would say when she came passing by. “I love your board.” “Thanks, Ben.”
Jason. He was Ben’s age. He met him in kinder-garden. They loved playing with each other and loved to hang out. He would always come over to Ben’s house for a sleepover or play-date.
Jilly. She was also good at skate-boarding too like Gala. So was Jason. And of course Ben too. She had a talent. A special one, too. She could sing high and low at the same time.
Once it was time for Ben and his friends had to go, they didn’t see their parents. “What are we going to do, Ben?” asked Jason. “We investigate,” Ben said, “they could be hiding. For fun.”
After Ben, Jason, Jilly, and Gala looked for their parents, they didn’t find them anywhere! They began to cry. But then suddenly, they heard muffling voices. “Help!” a lady said, screaming.
“Mom!” Jilly said, still whimpering. She began to run after her, but it was too late. A black car drove away to a tiny red house across the street where Ben lived.
“Come over to my house, guys,” Ben said, “I’ll grab the key from under their mat.”
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