He can’t face his flaming fears. She can’t swim in sorrow any longer.
Beyond My Reach
Burn. Burn. Burn.
Burning feels good. Maybe it’s the destruction, the familiar smell of the smoke, or the crisp air that arises.
The pages burn. Faster. Faster. From white, to yellow, to a charcoal, before flying dust.
Maybe it’s a curse. The eternal fire demon inside of me, casting things away, holding people at arm’s length. Burns the emotions away.
“Ignis!” Someone yells, making me blow out the fire, smashing it with my hand. Oceana walks in the room, making my cheeks heat up. “You’re still burning?” She asks sadly, covering my hand with her own.
“It’s a part of me, Ocea, I can’t deny the flame. It’s a demon, always hungry.” I look away as she picks up the burnt paper. I run my hand through the ends of her blue hair, the familiar softness scraping the ashes off my hand.
“Ignis, you gotta control this,” she shakes her head at me, “I can barely stand it anymore. It’s destruction, oblivion, fire.” Her blue eyes, like sapphires locked in glass, plead at me.
“It’s not hurting anything; I’m in control.” I make my hand burst into white hot flame. She shrieks, jumping away.
“Ignis!” She yells, fear flashing in her expression.
“Ocea,” I stand up, but she takes a step back. “I would never hurt you. I just, I just forgot, okay?”
“No. It’s not okay! Last time you lost control, you-you-“ she stutters, realizing what she is about to stay.
“Yeah, I know. I almost killed you.” I nod softly, and she seems to sprint out my door.
I can’t win. I hurt her every time I try to explain. Every time she gives me a second chance, I burn it to ashes. I fall to my knees, knowing that I’m always going to be in the dark if she’ll come back.
The books behind me burst into flames.
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