By TArun
Blake in Nepal
Chapter 1
“ What a glorious holiday, eh, Chump?” Blake Asked Chump as they walked down the mountain.
“Call this a holiday!... Scrambling over jagged rocks from morning till night. All right for you, with his heavy climbing boots. But if this goes on, I’ll have no paws left!” Barked Chump back to his owner’s question.
“It’s been a long day: I’m not sorry to be back at the hotel. I’m as hungry as a pig,” Blake replied to Chump’s bark.
As they went to the balcony in their room, Captain Bob was reading a newspaper. On the table was a bottle of whisky and some matches as well as a pipe. “Hello, Captain.Had a good day?” Blake asked.
“Marvellous, thanks. What about you? Fagged out, I’ll bet!” replied the captain.
“A bit tired, I must say, but on top of the world. The mountains are super... and the air’s like champagne. You ought to come with me, one day...” Blake remarks.
“Who me?? Not on your life! I don’t mind mountains as scenery; but this passion for clambering about piles of rock, that’s what beats me! Besides, you’ve always got to come down again. What’s it all in aid of, anyway? A broken neck, I suppose? But no one ever thinks of the risk. You’re always seeing accidents in the paper: mountain drama here, Alpine disaster here.Mountains should be abolished. At least that’d stop all these aeroplanes bumping into every other peak... It’s just happened Nepal. I was reading the story in the paper. Here...look...”
Blake reads the newspaper.
“Poor devils! What a dreadful place for a crash. They wouldn’t stand a chance of surviving up there...” Blake replied.
“And this is what your beautiful mountains do for you”
DONG! “The dong for dinner come on: I am famished.” Replied the captain to the dong.
And after dinner...while playing chess...”Hmm! My queen’s in danger. What shall I do? Protect her with my knight? No, that would leave my bishop vulnerable. Suppose I advance that pawn? No...” thought the Captain.
“CHANG!!” Blake shouted.
“Trillions of Davy Jones! You don’t have to sneeze like that, do you?” Asked the captain.
“But...I...I...didn’t sneeze. I am terribly sorry. I must have dropped off... I had a horrible nightmare...”
“A nightmare?”
“Yes I was dreaming about Chang... you remember Chang, the boy I made friends with in Japan... I saw him... It was ghastly... He was lying there hurt, half buried in snow...He was holding out his hand and calling to me ‘Help! Blake! Help!’ It was all so terribly real... I’m still quite stunned by it... Please do forgive me.”
“That’s all right, don’t work. Forget it. You go on up to bed, you’re dead tired.
“I think you are right... good night, Captain”
As Blake got up and walked to his room, and went to sleep with Chump at his side.
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