Part of the Destiny Trilogy
Blame It On Destiny
Someday Becomes Today
“When she reaches the age of 16, she shall be captured by the most evil and most cruel witch in all the land. This witch shall keep her locked away in a dungeon, where she shall stay for 3 painful years. But then, her heroic prince charming, the firstborn son to the king and queen of Stallion Kingdom, shall come on the fifteenth of March, hold her protectively in his arms, and sweep her away to safety!”
That’s the story my mother told to Destiny the day that I was born.
Destiny’s all like, “I bless this child with her mother’s chosen fate!”
And then Mom’s like, “Thanks Destiny, you’re the best!”
And then Destiny’s like, “No problem. That’s what I do.”
Sounds like one of those magical fairytales where you wave your sparkly wand, sing a little song, and then suddenly you are a princess and your dreams come true. To my mother, the queen of Hinterdale Kingdom, that’s pretty much exactly what she wants my life to be.
Tomorrow is my 16th birthday. Mom has thrown herself into preparations for my dramatic witch kidnapping. I try to act interested for her sake, but I honestly could not possibly care any less than I already do.
“Don’t forget to look despaired, and if there should be any pause in the witch’s kidnapping, I want you to look directly at Denver.”
That name looms over me like a dark cloud of thunder and rain.
Denver is the firstborn son to the king and queen of Stallion Kingdom, and he is destined to be my husband and prince charming. Which is unfortunate, because I’ve never even seen the guy, let alone met him.
“Mom, how the heck am I supposed to look at Denver if I still don’t know what he looks like?” I ask, giving up on trying to keep Mom happy.
“Destiny shall point the way!”
What a deep quote. A guy in a grey rag is going to walk up to me and point at a random dude in the audience.
I sigh, a perfect, damsel in distress sigh. A proud smile infects my Mom’s face. I don’t bother to smile back.
The glory days are over.
I no longer have any freedom.
I am going willingly to a prison for three years, just to be captured by some stranger who thinks that I am hot.
It’s going to be a long rest of my life.

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