Part of the Destiny Trilogy
Blame It On Destiny
Not My Type
The people begin to fill in, one annoyingly perfect face after another.
I am dressed in a golden gown with orange curlicues that twist and turn all over me. The fabric is surprisingly comfortable. For once, I actually smile in an article of clothing that Mom has chosen out. I’m warm and cozy, hugged by the sleeves and the tight stitching. Not bad, considering I will likely spend the next three years in this thing.
Most people are much showier than I am. That works for me, because I don’t want to be the center of attention any more than I already am. Being the royal birthday girl wearing a dress that glows like a sunny spotlight makes it really hard to blend in with the crowd, like I usually do.
After I finally finish standing uselessly on a stage so everyone can gape in awe at me, I step down and try to find a quiet spot to wait out the storm that is unfortunately my birthday party.
That’s when I see Destiny.
He stands in front of me, gray rags and all, and surprisingly calm, considering the circumstances.
“Are you prepared for the most important moment of your life?” He asks.
I don’t respond. Most important? Ha. That’s funny.
“I’m here to show you Denver.” He says, breaking the silence. I politely smile, hoping that it hides the urge to punch him in the face and run.
He chuckles. “Calm down, child. Denver is the perfect prince. He’s handsome, loyal, and incredibly strong.”
That doesn’t sound so bad.
“There he is,” Destiny said, pointing to a man who looked at least 10 years older than me, “Your future husband.”
He’s okay, I guess. He just looks so fake. His smile looks like a mask, to hide what is probably boredom. His posture makes me wonder if he has something in that ornate tuxedo holding him up. It is obvious that he is a puppet, although whoever is holding his strings I’ll most likely never meet.
I try to calm my frazzled nerves. Maybe this is just his public composition. I bet that when we get the chance to be alone together, he will show his true colors. He’s probably sweet, kind, and loving. I let myself believe that, at least for now. It’s the only way that I can gather up enough courage to meet him.
I interrupt his conversation with another maiden. Immediately I regret it. There goes my chances at making a good first impression. Should I give up speaking to him and just hope it goes well in three years when he rescues me? Maybe I should-
“Hello, my dearest Bianca.” He says smoothly. I hesitate at the sound of my real name. Usually I’m either Stop Slouching! or Be More Ladylike!.
“Yes, that’s me. You’re Denver, right?”
“Of course, my dear. Did you not know that the moment you met me? Destiny drew us together, and we are true soulmates. We shall be together for all of eternity. I love you, dearest Bianca.” He holds me in his arms. This can’t be my true love. I don’t even feel like I’m being held by a human being, let alone feeling warm and protected by him!
“Just to clarify, you are Denver, the firstborn son of Stallion Kingdom, correct?”
“Yes, of course, my dearest Bianca. Did you not know that the moment you met me? Destiny drew us to-“
“Yeah, I know, Destiny drew us together, soulmates, together for all of eternity, you told me. Like 10 seconds ago.”
“Don’t you see, my dearest Bianca? We finish each other’s sentences. That is proof that we are meant to be. Destiny drew us together, and we are true-“
I have known Denver for 5 minutes, and already it is crystal clear to me.
I do not want to marry him.
I do not want to be rescued by him.
And I DEFINITELY do not want to be his dearest Bianca.
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