Part of the Destiny Trilogy
Blame It On Destiny
I stand in the doorway of the dungeon, saying my final goodbyes to Leo.
“Maybe I’ll see you in three years when Denver rescues you and you become super famous?” He asks hopefully.
“Yeah. Denver. Right.”
He smiles sadly, the way he did when I first met him. I can’t look any longer. I turn my back on him, knowing that if I look back, I’ll never be able to leave.
You are moving on, I tell myself. You couldn’t be with Leo anyway. Staying with him would have made it worse when Denver came for you.
I walk back to my cell, straight into the arms of Destiny.
“What are you doing out of your cell, young lady!” Destiny scolds me.
“I’m so sorry, Destiny, I was coming right back to make some more gifts for you! In fact, I have a whole stack of straw woven blankets in the corner! They aren’t the best quality, but it was the best I could do with the materials I had. Did you come to get them?”
“No, I came to deliver your next prophecy, completely oblivious to the fact that you were frolicking around in the woods with a complete stranger!”
“With all due respect, your excellency, he is not a complete stranger, I’ve been locked up in a cell with him for 2 whole years! And how come you didn’t... wait a minute.” I look at Destiny with a new suspicion. “How come you didn’t know that I had escaped? I thought that you knew everything that was going to happen in my life!”
“Well... Um... That’s not important right now!”
I drop the act of bowing down to Destiny, suddenly realizing that he has something to hide. “Actually, it is. So you’re going to tell me.” I say, pointing my wand threateningly at him. Hopefully he doesn’t know that I have no idea how to use this thing.
“Do you really think that your puny little wand could defeat me?”
“Yes, yes I do.”
I bask in the glory of his hesitation. A guy as powerful as Destiny probably isn’t used a good old fashioned roast.
“Fine! I’ll talk.” Nope, he’s definitely not used to my epic comebacks. “I was born into a royal family with twenty-four older brothers and two older sisters.”
“Ok, ok, sorry.” I say, my hands raised in a fake surrender.
“My father loved children, but my mother hated it, so when I was born, she left me in the woods to die. The only problem was, I didn’t die.”
“Because you’re immortal.”
“Because of sheer luck.”
So Destiny’s not immortal. That’s unfortunate. I can’t torture him for all of eternity if he can’t die. But I don’t think about this now, not with Destiny doing so many confessions. He continues to talk.
“I was found when I was three by two villagers. They raised me until I was sixteen, and then they couldn’t handle me anymore. So they left. One day they were there, the next day they were gone.”
“That’s awful!”
“I thought I told you that I DONT WANT YOUR SYMPATHY MORTAL!”
“Says the mortal.”
“Awwwwww, I hate you too!”
It takes about ten minutes for him to finally take some nice, deep breaths, and calm down from his tantrum. It takes an added twenty minutes to get him to start talking again.
“I began to tell people that I was Destiny, and that I could choose fates and stuff. I would just say some prophecy, then tell everyone involved, and then it would just happen. Your mother wanted you to be kidnapped, so she didn’t fight to get you back.”
“She did, but continue.”
“The witch wanted to be the most evil and most cruel witch in all the land, so she came on your sixteenth birthday to kidnap you. Denver wanted to be your prince charming, so on the fifteenth of March, he will come to save you! There’s no such thing as Destiny, and you were never bound to a fate!”
This plot twist makes me mad to the point where I may kill the guy standing nearest to me, which conveniently happens to be Destiny, if that’s even his real name. My entire life, I have been forced to do something that I hate, only to come this far and find out that I didn’t have to! This useless freak has been lying to me my entire life! Why do I even-
No Destiny means that I can be with Leo.
I sprint past Destiny, and run through the maze of prison cells and cauldrons, looking for the forest. Leo is out there somewhere. And I don’t care how long it takes to find him. Denver and I were only drawn to each other by a lie. But Leo and I have something different. It’s not Destiny. It’s love. And I know that now.
“Leo!” I scream at the top of my lungs. “Leo! It’s Bianca! Where are you!” After searching for what feels like forever, I collapse at the bank of the pond that Leo and I fell into. That feels like years ago, but it’s only been about an hour. And already Leo has left me. He has forgotten all about me, and moved on.
My tears break the smooth, calm, surface of the pond. I feel useless. I should just go back to the prison and marry Denver, like everyone wants me to do.
“I wish you were here, Leo. I wish I had never left you.”
“Wish granted.” Says a voice behind me that sounds strangely like Leo. I whip my head around to find Leo standing behind me, a smile of love on his face.
“You came back!” I say, standing up. I wrap my arms around him, and we tumble into the pond, not a care in the world.
“Leo, we need to run off together!” I say, unable to contain my excitement.
“You don’t have to tell me twice!”
And with that, we leave everything behind. Everything that has ever told us that we have to be something we don’t want to be, and most of all, our destiny.
It’s going to be a good rest of my life.

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