Is BloomField’s Animal Rescue the place for Kathy after all?
BloomField’s Animal Rescue
A young, auburn haired girl stared out the window at a wooden sign that said BloomField’s Animal Rescue.
The girl’s sister, Cassie, sighed dreamily. “Finally! I’ve always wanted to live in an animal rescue place!”
The auburn haired girl, Katherine, let out a long, deep, sigh. “Don’t you miss Mom and Dad, Cassie? Don’t you want to go home?”
Cassie blinked her emerald green eyes. “Mom and Dad? I barely even knew them! Don’t you remember, Kathy? Mom and Dad...they passed away when I was 3, and when you were 4.”
“I remember.” Well, I guess this is what Cassie gets for barely knowing her parents. The place of her dreams. Katherine thought to herself with a slight twinge of jealously. She pretended to study the Dutch braid that she had done this morning. Her sister Cassie had a French braid today.
Mrs. Hill, the social worker who was driving the car, called out, “We’re almost there, girls.”
Kathy returned to staring out the window.
Cassie looked out the window too, excitedly watching for horses.
Soon, they were there.
Mrs. Hill stayed at Bloomfield’s Animal Rescue for a talk with Kathy and Cassie’s new foster parents, Mrs. Fabella Morgan and Mr. Kent Morgan.
“Mrs. and Mr. Morgan, I’m-you could say, a little worried about Kathy. I noticed on the car ride here that Kathy didn’t look very happy. She looked rather blue. I know she still misses her please help her settle in.”
“Don’t worry, and please call me Fabella! I will make sure Kathy settles in great, whatever it will take.”
Mr. Morgan chuckled merrily.
Mrs. Hill smiled in relief. “Thank you, Fabella! It reassures me greatly.”
As Mrs. Hill drove away, Kathy decided to go find herself an alone spot.
She couldn’t find any though.
Kathy sighed. “Oh well. I guess my alone spot will have to wait for later...”
She walked past her sister, who was already besties with the Mr. and Mrs. Morgan’s son, Tyson.
Kathy walked towards the stables.
She walked towards a beautiful appaloosa.
The appaloosa’s name was Apple.
Apple snorted at the sight of Kathy.
Kathy stretched her arm out.
Apple pushed her muzzle under Kathy’s open palm. Then she walked closer and started to investigate Kathy.
Kathy giggled as the appaloosa’s warm breath blew into her face.
After a while, Kathy stepped back from Apple, and walked towards a snow white mare, whose name was Icicle.
Again, she stretched her arm out.
Icicle walked closer, and bobbed her head up and down.
After what seemed like seconds, Kathy had gained trust from all the horses in the stables.

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