For Caleb, love is like a board game that he always loses. Can he win?
Board Game
Starting The Board Game
She was as beautiful as the clear, blue sky. Her skin, oh her skin, how its peachy glimmer sparkled. Every man was after her. Her swooping french braid, tied up with her blond hair settled it all. I was in love with her. Her eyes were watery lakes, and her mouth was full and rich. Wow, she was really beautiful. But the problem was, every guy liked her. And she didn’t even know who I was.
Chapter 1: Starting The Board Game
There she was again, a confident smile crossing her face, textbooks held against her chest. But not for long. Her boyfriend, Grant Patrickson, soon took her books, and kissed her cheek. Then, she turned the corner, and was lost from my site. It was so unfair. Why, why did I always have to lose this board game called Life? First, I think I’m ahead of myself, almost to finish. Finishing first. But then, I make a bad spin, and suddenly, I’m headed back to the start. Always, always back to the start. People like Grant Patrickson have no trouble winning the board game. I seem to be the only one that does.
Let’s start from the beginning. I was just a little baby in my mother’s- hey, wait! Stop the script. Let’s start ahead of that. Much farther. My first day of Senior-Wooded High School For Gifted Boys And Girls. I had just passed the test, and I was very excited let me tell you. This girl I liked, Glimmer Thrive, was a prodigy. Now, don’t just think she was beautiful. She had the highest IQ in history of the school, and was the best at logic, puzzles, and she even knew how you could break out of a metal box with just a rusty nail. Amazing. But, she also wasn’t ugly. As one may see. I saw her, and well, I’ve had a crush on her since, um... 3 years. It was Senior year, and I still didn’t have a knack for love. It wasn’t for me. Which, sadly, is very disappointing, because Sammy Sampson even has one, and he’s president of: Team Electron! Neutron Fun Club! He’s also the only one in that club. Sigh.
So, when I saw future Mrs. Runrig (that’s my last name! :) I knew she was the one for me. Until I ran into Grant Patrickson. When he saw my pathetic flirting skills, and almost laughable small talk, he knew I was in LOVE. Then, he shoved me into Rodrik “Feet” Piffy’s locker, which, obviously smells like feet, and told me to stay away. Then he called me ugly lovebird. Eh, it’s not that bad. People like the Patrickson’s have brawn. Grant Patrickson got in because when he saw Glimmer, he blackmailed the Headmistress into getting him in, so he could date her. I, on the other hand, have brains. I go with the popular saying, brains over brawn. Except it isn’t working.
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