Boarding School
Do I Have to?
“I don’t want to go to boarding school, mom!” I cried.
“Honey, you know it’ll be less expensive,” mom protested. “And ever since daddy’s lost his job, I can’t handle two kids at home.”
I sighed. “Okay mom,” and went upstairs to brush my teeth.
“Oh, yes. Honey, tomorrow is the day when we’ll leave for boarding school. No reading!” mom shouted up the stairs after me.
Soon, teeth were brushed, and I was lying in bed, worrying about boarding school, and what would happen there.
I fell asleep after a few hours, though.
“Lilly! It’s time to go to boarding school!” mom shouted, waking me.
“Okay, got it,” I mumbled, pushing myself out of my bed.
I dressed in a t-shirt, jeans, and strung my lucky necklace around my neck.
Mom and I drove for 5 hours, and then we came to the closest train station.
“See you, Lilly,” mom said, tearing up and planting a kiss on my cheek.
“See you, mom,” I answered somberly as I stepped up to platform 2.
“Love you!” she shouted after me as I clambered onto the train.
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