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Hi I am Billy and I am 4 this is my Mom Amy.I always get in trouble for nothing like one time my Mom and I were out walking and I stopped to look at a butterfly and she gave out to me.Now I always have to hold her hand !!
The next day we went to the beach and I wanted to bring a fish home.But no i was’nt aloud so I got in trouble !!!
I came home from school and I gave my Mom my test to see how much I got right .But I did’nt get any right so i got in trouble AGAIN!!!
Then my Mom called me down for dinner. I sat down and ate my dinner.’AAAAHHHH WHAT DID YOU DO TO THE KITCHEN I JUST CLEANED IT’,SAID Mom. You’ll never guessed what happend next.I got in trouble and she said I had to clean my room.
I went up to my room to clean it. I did a really really good job of cleaning my room.Mom came up to see if my room was tidy.she gave out to me and I had to sit on the bold step.
I was so bored and confused I did’nt know what I did wrong. #SADFACE But then I said sorry. And the next day I got in trouble again.

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