The light flickers higher and higher, shadows dancing until...
“Argh!” I scream. Mum and dad rush into my room straight away.
“What’s the matter, darling?” mum asks worridly.
It’s my third nightmare this week. Fire controls me. Literally. Every action I do has to do with fire. I always sit at the very edge of my seat, so if there is a fire, I can get out fast.
“It’s...nothing,” I stammer. “It’s know, fire.” Dad smiles sympathetically.
“Try and sleep. We’ll be outside if you need us.” mum pats my hand. They quietly back out of the room.
My heart is still pounding unusually fast. I feel so restless, I can’t sleep. I get up and pace my room, me in my nightgown and red hair. Finally I can’t take it anymore. I put my hands in front of me, palms upwards and concentrate.
Almost effortlessly, my hands are swallowed in flames. Red, yellow and orange ribbons twist and turn in intricate patterns. Fire. My curse and blessing. With a flick of my finger, the fire dies down until a single flame continues to burn in the middle of my palm.
I close my hand, snuffing out my candle-flame. As if there never was any flames.

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