What book could be so important in this world?
Book of Hope
A sparkle of blue fairy dust fell onto the lip of Twizzle, the fairy king’s servant. She glanced upward with surprise and bit her tongue. She closed the book carefully and set it back into its glass case. Her bantam fingers were about to lock it when she heard a flicker of fairy wings.
“Twizzle? What are you doing here?” a pipsqueak voice whispered at her.
Twizzle made no sound but looked up to find Amethyst, another servant of King Aureate. Amethyst looked down at Twizzle and flew downwards, leaving a trail of blue dust following her.
“I..., um was -was, er, checking out a book.” Twizzle falsely remarked. She wasn’t here to check out a book. Well, not the kind of check out you get permission to do.
Amethyst stared at her widely with a grinning expression. “So you plan to steal it?”
Twizzle’s eyes stayed directly on the ground and didn’t flinch. She whispered something out loud, but even Amethyst could not hear her. She nodded slowly and then looked up at Amethyst. A weird smirk came across her face and she laughed.
“What’s so funny about stealing a 5 million dollar book? It’s not like money is worth anything down in the Fairy Realm. Unless you gave it to some human or anything. But, even humans do not know the worth of this great, wonderful piece of junk. What would you even do with this book? Read it 10 million times? Dress it up and call it Sam?” Amethyst questioned.
The smirk on Twizzle’s face never died off and seemed to whisper the words, “Wow, you really are dull.” But, at the same time it said, “Dang, you know all my plans, so now I’m going to try to fool your naive brain into thinking I’m not stealing the book.”
Amethyst smiled back too, only with true feeling. She could read Twizzle’s mind in fine print. She could read everyone’s mind, as long as they were’nt blank. Fairy’s faces were like open books, you are most likely able to read them.
“Great going, Amethyst. Now you know my career.” Twizzle bitterly said.
“Oh, well. I guess I’ll have to tell King Aureate!” replied Amethyst with the same bitter feeling Twizzle had in her soul.
“You wouldn’t dare...”
“Yes I would!”
Twizzle thought about this for a moment. She had to get to King Aureate first, to frame Amethyst. Or, she could get on Amethyst’s nerves to frighten her out of telling.
Twizzle flew up a bit to get to Amethyst and stared face to face with her. Her teeth were gritted and her nose was full of fury. All the veins in her tiny arms were sticking out. They were ready for a fight.
“Stop! Stop! I don’t want to quarrel around. Steal the book, I could care less. But, I will tell King Aureate.” Amethyst protested.
“No, you won’t, because I’m going to capture Jade, your little human friend, before you lay a finger on my plan.”
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