Book of Songs

These are poems and song-lyrics that I've written that I want to share. I write songs too often, so I won't be able to add them all. (I do have a DeviantArt and had/will make a new blog for them.)

Chapter 1: Masked - Poem
Chapter 2: Mural (Poem)
Chapter 3: Misty (Poem)
Chapter 4: Kagaku of Kirai - Poem
Chapter 5: In Schweigen (Silence) - Poem
Chapter 6: The Sound of Spider Silk (Poem)
Chapter 7: Poet’s Lament (Poem)
Chapter 8: Silked Spirit - Poem
Chapter 9: Alabaster Locks - Poem
Chapter 10: Mildew and Sculptures - Poem
Chapter 11: Grammatically Incorrect - Poem
Chapter 12: A Rather Beautiful Decay - Poem
Chapter 13: Shards of Monochrome - Poem
Chapter 14: Astraphobia - Poem
Chapter 15: Seraph of Containment - Poem
Chapter 16: Origami - Poem
Chapter 17: Splatter Party - Poem
Chapter 18: Mother’s Cologne and Father’s Perfume - Poems
Chapter 19: Deck of Cards (Glass) - Poem
Chapter 20: Million Wishes Waiting - Poem
Chapter 21: Graveyard Alibi (IA’s Lament) - Poem
Chapter 22: Fuchsia Head - Poem
Chapter 23: A Song for My Senpai (GUESS WHO’S BACK!?!!?)
Chapter 24: A Puppet Like No Other ~The Cry of an Otaku Violinist~
Chapter 25: Autumn Day Fantasies
Chapter 26: Forbidden Sounds
Chapter 27: Friendship is Tragic
Chapter 28: Catacombs
Chapter 29: Hōmusutakku to Koi Ni
Chapter 31: I Dream of Nekos
Chapter 32: I Used a Word Generator and This Is What Happened
Chapter 33: It All Started With a Thorn
Chapter 34: A Poem for a Friend
Chapter 35: Our Fateful Accident
Chapter 36: Passionately Apathetic
Chapter 37: Sognare (Dreaming) Oni
Chapter 38: Se-ra-fuku Nisokkusu
Chapter 39: Winter Never Came
Chapter 40: The Arigato Motive
Chapter 41: To Mr. Schmurr
Chapter 42: Today Deceased [Chapter in review, check back soon]
Chapter 43: Without Words to Speak
Chapter 44: Your Modern-Day Pierrot ~The Dream of an Otaku Violinist~ [Chapter in review, check back soon]
Chapter 45: The Elements of Vanity ~The Wish of an Otaku Violinist~
Chapter 46: The Feliciano Song
Chapter 47: Habitually, I’m Psychotically-Made [Chapter in review, check back soon]
Chapter 48: The Break of Day
Chapter 49: The Waltz of Terror
Chapter 50: Wheaty Wheat and Astonishment
Chapter 51: The Missing Ghost of Kuma Kirkland
Chapter 52: Road of Nowhere
Chapter 53: Spiral into Cataclysm
Chapter 54: Starving for Attention - Earth Day Project
Chapter 55: A Day in the Life of Bamboo
Chapter 56: The Heart’s Prisoner
Chapter 57: Ode to Imperfection
Chapter 58: Cage of Repugnance (Song)
Chapter 59: My Lost Weeping
Chapter 60: Son of a Wind-Up God
Chapter 61: A Face in the Dust Bunnies
Chapter 62: Raving Genius: The Wailing Words
Chapter 63: Consider Misery
Chapter 64: To a Notorious Friend
Chapter 65: Flames You’ve Tinted Purple
Chapter 66: Only Mechanical
Chapter 67: With Love, Harley
Chapter 68: The Whisper of the Neglected
Chapter 69: A Thank You is In Order
Chapter 70: The Halls of Hope’s Peak
Chapter 71: Helium
Chapter 72: Fragmentary
Chapter 73: Broken Mirror Comedy
Chapter 74: Shard Prison
Chapter 75: Butterfly Sonata
Chapter 76: Runes
Chapter 77: Battle Scars - Je Déplore Part 1
Chapter 78: While You Sleep - Je Déplore Part 2
Chapter 79: The Little Meister That Couldn’t

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