i’m in love with my best friend...
Boy likes Boy
“Allen Ren, get over here this instant!”
I woke up from my slumber at the sound of my name.
“Camille! It’s so eeaaaarrrllyyyy,” I whined, getting out of bed. Even though I didn’t see her I knew she was rolling her eyes at me.
“Fine, but Viktor, Ryan, and Logan are all waiting for us outside so you better get your behind out of bed,” she ordered me.
Yep. That was my sister in a nutshell- bossy, stubborn, and oh so annoying.
“I’m up, I’m up. Tell the others I’ll be there in a few.”
She sighed and left the room, slamming the door behind her as if I had done something wrong.
Whatever. I did not need to deal with her bossiness.
I hurriedly put on my buttoned down shirt and slacks, and brushed my teeth until they were shining. Then, I bolted down the stairs.
“Hey guys,” I exclaimed, slicking back my hair. Camille rolled her eyes and was about to say something, when Viktor glared daggers at her, shutting her up.
Ah, Viktor. My best friend (don’t tell Camille), and my knight in shining armor. He isn’t the... nicest person... he doesn’t really care about anyone- anyone except me. Whenever I’m talking to him, he smiles, and laughs, but as soon as anyone else joins the conversation, it’s like his kindness is turned off.
He’s the complete opposite from me, given that I’m the nicest person in my school.
So it doesn’t help that I’m hopelessly in love with him.
But the thing is, I think he may feel the same way.
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