“Do you have a girlfriend?” “No... Not Yet”
Boys & Girls
Do I Like Her?
I’ve never been in love.
There, I said it.
I just... haven’t met her yet. All of my friends have girlfriends, heck, practically every boy in school has a girlfriend...
But I guess, not me.
“You don’t have a girlfriend?” People ask me.
All I ever respond with is, “No... not yet. I think I’m just going to focus on schoolwork for now.”
And that is an honest response. I’m more interesting in getting good grades than finding a girlfriend.
Plus, I’m pretty sure high school relationships don’t work out, anyway.
My best friend, Jack, has a girlfriend named Nicole, and they always pretend that they love each other, but Jack always texts me about how he hates her.
Jack: God, Nicole is so annoying. :\
Me: Just give her a chance.
Jack: I don’t know, bro. I think I want to break up.
But for some reason, he never goes through with breaking up. Even when they broke up once, they got back together an hour later.
Relationships confuse me greatly.
Maybe that’s why I’m not in one.
“Hey Kyle,” Jack greeted me as I put my books in my locker.
“Sup,” I laughed.
“Kay, I need a favor?”
I rolled my eyes, “Did you forget your lunch money again?”
Jack nervously laughed, and then nodded, “I know... I’m sorry.... But seriously, can I borrow 10 bucks? I’ll pay it back.”
“You always say you’ll pay it back, but you never do.”
“I know... I’m sorry. I promise I will this time, though.”
“Fine,” I said, while reaching into my pocket for 10 dollars. “Here you go.”
“Thanks bro! Hey, so... did you hear about the new girl in school?”
“The who girl?”
“I think her name is Rowan or something like that. She introduced herself in Math class yesterday,” Jack said.
“Hmm... haven’t seen her.”
Jack then started to raise his eyebrows up and down, as if he were teasing me to go out with her.
“Jack, I haven’t even met her!”
Jack laughed, “Just saying. You should try dating.”
“Says the guy that hates his own girlfriend.”
“Hey, shh! She may be nearby!”
“Well, I’ve got to go. Catch you later, Kyle.”
“Bye Jack,” I said as I slammed my locker shut.
Math class was especially slow that day. We had a pop quiz (which is always fun), and had to give a short presentation as well. During the pop quiz, I scribbled a message on a piece of torn paper, and quickly passed it over to Jack.
Isn’t this boring? It said.
I watched Jack quickly write something back, while looking back to my test whenever the teacher looked over. As I pretended to be concentrating on my test, I saw a piece of paper land on my desk. As I was about to open it, I heard the voice of our dreadful Math teacher, Mr. Wolf. Everyone in class calls him Mr. Werewolf, because his arms are super hairy and he has really bushy eyebrows.
“Kyle... and Jack...? I do not appreciate you passing notes in MY class,” He sneered.
Yikes. Mr. Werewolf.
“Umm.... I-“ I stumbled.
Jack looked at me with a panicked look on his face, as we both tried thinking of something to say. Just as Mr. Werewolf was about to open his mouth, we heard someone bang on the door.
“Hey! Sorry I’m late! Please let me in!” A girl’s muffled voice said.
Mr. Werewolf impatiently walked over to the door, as Jack and I sighed with a breath of relief.
“Yes, is there something you need?”
The girl stood in the doorway, with a stressed look on her face, “Yes.... am I late for the test? I’m sorry... I had trouble finding this classroom.”
“Tsk.. tsk... Yes, you are late for the test. I can’t let you take the test now- you’ll have to make up for it tomorrow.”
The girl sighed with anger.
“But...” Mr. Werewolf continued, “You may find an empty seat, and sit there for the rest of the class. Do not be disruptive or loud in any way, or else you will get detention.”
“Thank you... I’m sorry.”
“No more apologies. Go sit down.”
She nodded, and walked around the room for an empty seat. Everyone stared at her like she was crazy, as I watched her cheeks turn red. Jack elbowed me and started raising his eyebrows again, and pointed to the empty seat next to me. I shrugged at him, and I shook my head.
“C’mon,” He whispered.
Then the girl spotted the empty seat next to me, and asked, “Umm.. is it alright if I sit there?”
“I don’t care,” I said.
Jack continued grinning at me as she sat down.
“Stop,” I whispered.
He finally did stop, and went back to his quiz, just as I did.
After the quiz was over, I started to pack everything into my backpack, when the girl that sat next to me tapped on my shoulder.
“Uh, excuse me?” She said.
“I just wanted to say, thanks for letting me sit here. No one would normally let me do that. People where I am from are really rude.”
I shrugged, “Okay. Glad I could help.”
She smiled at me, “I’m Rowan. What’s your name?”
Rowan? I thought.
That was why Jack was elbowing me.
“I’m Kyle,” I muttered.
“That’s cool! I used to know a boy named Kyle.”
“Anyway, I hope to see you around! It was nice meeting you,” Rowan smiled once more, and then waved goodbye.
“Yeah... um, you too. Bye,” I responded.
Then I watched her walked out, and noticed that she was actually kind of...
She had dirty blonde hair, and almost silver like eyes, with light freckles that covered her nose and cheeks. I felt like she was almost flirting with me in a way... like she almost liked me....
But the question was... was I suddenly liking her as well?
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