February Challenge
Amy: Hey LOL
Mom: Aren’t you supposed to be preparing for takeoff?
Amy: Well yeah but I’ll srsly miss u
Mom: That’s really sweet, but you have to prepare. You’re going to be he first person on Mars! You grow up so fast.
Mom: What’s that supposed to mean?
Amy: GTG
Mom: ...
Mom: It’s like a foreign language.
Amy: I can c my house from here.
Mom: WHAT? Amy, you’re in space!
Amy: I’m so bored tho
Mom: You’re really NOT supposed to be texting me.
Amy: I’m gonna send u a pic
Mom: That doesn’t seem realistic.
Amy: Mom it’s clipart. Photographs just aren’t cool anymore you don’t understand!!!!!
Mom: Well, that’s a disappointment.
Amy: LOL
Mom: Amy, I need you to pay attention. Years of astronaut training AND driver’s ed, and you should know that texting and driving don’t mix.
Amy: Mom I’m doing like no work
Mom: I don’t care. Eyes on the road!
Amy: Fine I’m gonna text Sara
Mom: Don’t you dare!
Amy: Mom...
Mom: Yes?
Amy: I’m sorry...
Mom: For what?
Amy: Everything.
Mom: I’m confused.
Amy: I’m looking at earth right now.
Mom: What does it look like?
Amy: Like a giant meteor is about to ram into it.
Mom: WHAT?
Amy: JK. I mean, it’s so beautiful, but from here it’s so small.
Mom: Mmm. What does JK mean?
Amy: My entire life is on that speck.
Mom: I see.
Amy: Remember when we went to Mount Everest and we thought we were so cool because we traveled so far?
Mom: Yup.
Amy: It was really just the length of a millionth of a speck from here.
Mom: I understand.
Amy: I want to go home.
Connection inturrupted.
Dear Mrs. Hutchins,
We regret to inform you that your daughter, Amy Hutchins, has been in a terrible accident. There are always risks being in space, and Amy was going further than anyone has gone before. It happened only a mile away from Mars. I’m so sorry.
Amy’s funeral was quick, mostly because it was inturrupted halfway through.
As soon as the minister asked family to come speak, Amy’s mother was prepared. She walked up to the podium, still crying, when her phone dinged.
Amy: Hey LOL
She fainted.
Amy: Just to make sure... they didn’t tell you that I was dead, right?
Mom: Well, I assumed...
Mom: No, they didn’t.
Amy: I was INJURED, not DEAD!
Mom: They should have told me that!
Amy: Okay, fine.
Mom: I’m so glad you’re back, Amy.
Amy: Me too.
The End
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