Book #1: Love Is In The Air
Breakfast Adventures!
It was a perfect morning.
The crisp sun was shining, and the smell of breakfast greeted you as you went downstairs.
Your father reads the newspaper, while your mother pours some coffee into his glass. Your big brother plays video games, while your baby sister makes a mess in her high chair.
You take a seat.
You hardly know what the day will bring . . .
In another world, The Strawberry Queen triumphantly stands before her loyal subjects. But this is no ordinary world.
It is The Breakfast World.
She stands motionless, waiting for the whispers to die down.
The scene blanks out, and turns into your milk as you stir it in your cup, carefully examining it. Your mother harshly reminds you not to play with your food, but her voice seems distant.
The milk churns like your empty stomach.
You knew that today would be a long day.
But you didn’t like to be reminded.
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