Can the bonds of FRIENDSHIP overcome all odds?
The Code
Bethany lay across her bed, flat on her stomach, propping her head up with her hands. She stared at the dragon, who was running around in circles on her bed.
It needed a name, she decided.
“Sapphire!” Bethany exclaimed, sitting up and clapping her hands in excitement. She picked up the dragon and dangled it in front of her face. “I’m going to call you Sapphire,” she told the dragon.
Sapphire flicked her tongue and snorted.
Bethany set her back down and smiled. Sapphire. She liked that.
And then Bethany began to think. What would she do with Sapphire while she was at school? She couldn’t leave her in her room, for her parents would catch on. And she couldn’t take Sapphire to school.... Could she?
Bethany got up and inspected her backpack. The largest pocket had more than enough room for a baby dragon.
Slowly, an idea began to form in Bethany’s head. “Sapphire! Sapphire, come here,” she called, patting her knees.
Sapphire cocked her shiny blue head and blinked. Then she waddled over to where Bethany sat. Bethany scooped her up and placed her in her backpack.
That just might work, Bethany thought. If she could just keep Sapphire hidden in her backpack during the school day, no one would ever find out about her.
It wasn’t that Bethany was committing a crime by having a pet dragon. There was no law that said you couldn’t have a dragon. However, Bethany didn’t think most people would accept the fact that she had a pet dragon very well.
Who would? Dragons had been thought to be mythical creatures. Beasts of fiction, not reality.
But Sapphire was real, as real as real could be.
Fifth hour science class with Mr. Hall came much faster then Dylan had wanted it to, and he trudged to class as slowly as he could.
“Good afternoon, Dylan!”
Dylan spun around to the voice. Bethany came bouding over, perky and cheery as usual. “Are you ready for the chapter seven quiz in science today?”
Dylan shrugged. “I dunno, I guess,” he mumbled in reply, hoping Bethany would accept the answer and leave before anyone saw them side by side.
“Well, I’m not.”
Dylan was surprised. Bethany, not ready for a test? Something about that just wasn’t right.
“I had a busy night last night,” she explained.
“What were you doing?” Dylan asked nonchalantly, trying to look like he didn’t really care.
Bethany blushed immensely. “Nothing.” Then she hurried to class ahead of Dylan.
Dylan was aghast. That wasn’t like Bethany to rush off like that. Something was different, something was wrong.
Bethany was hiding something. But what?
“And so, the phylum comes after the genus, then comes class and...”
Travis rolled his eyes and sighed. Mr. Hall was such a bore. He leaned forward and poked Dylan in the back.
Dylan spun around. “Yeah?” he whispered, “What’s up?”
Travis jerked his head in Bethany’s direction. “She’s been acting kind of differently today,” Travis noticed.
Dylan’s eyes grew wide. “You’ve noticed that, too?” he exclaimed, then quickly lowered his voice again. “She told me that she wasn’t ready for the quiz today.”
Travis scoffed. “Frankly, I wouldn’t care if she dropped off the face of the earth. The world would be a much better place without her annoying voice echoing through the halls all day.”
Dylan frowned. Sure Bethany was annoying, but he didn’t wish she would drop of the face of the earth. He just wished he didn’t have to go to school with her. “Right,” he replied, finally. Then he brought his gaze over to Bethany. She was shuffling through her backpack, searching frantically for something. Suddenly, she let out a quiet sigh of relief and leaned back into her chair.
Dylan scratched his head. He didn’t like Bethany. He didn’t like any girls. He promised himself he never would. He promised Travis. That was their code.
But he just had to find out what Bethany was hiding.

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