Can the bonds of FRIENDSHIP overcome all odds?
The Code
So... Acquaintances?
“Here Sapphire!” Bethany called, crouching down and clapping her hands.
Dylan watched her for a second, then did the same. He wasn’t sure what he was searching for, but Bethany knew. So he just followed her example.
The two wandered the halls, side by side, calling and clapping. Anyone watching this would of thought that they were friends. But they weren’t friends. No, not Dylan and Bethany. They were merely classmates. No more, no less.
For a second Bethany thought she saw the glimmer of Sapphire’s scales, but it was only a crumpled up chocolate wrapper under the row of lockers in the science wing. She sighed and continued to search.
“Sapphire, here Sapphire!” Dylan cooed, scanning the hallway. He noticed a small crack in the wall by the window, and he was pretty sure something was in there. He slowly crawled toward it, and put his head to the carpet to peer inside. Two glowing eyes peered back at him. Dylan pulled his head back and sat up. “Uh, Bethany?”
Bethany poked her head around the corner at the end of the hallway. “What?”
Dylan took one more glance in the crack and nodded at Bethany. “I think I found it.”
Bethany ran over to Dylan and looked in the crack herself. “Oh, Sapphire!” she exclaimed, reaching in and pulling our her little pet. “Thank goodness no one found you!” Bethany sat down against the wall and cradled Sapphire in her arms.
Dylan blinked. “Is that... is that... what IS that?”
Bethany sighed. “Dylan, I’d like you to meet Sapphire, my dragon.”
Dylan furrowed his eyebrows. “A dragon? How is that possible? They don’t exist,” he stated matter-o-factly.
“Oh, but they do,” Bethany concurred. “What else would she be?” Bethany gestured to Sapphire.
Dylan sat crosslegged across from Bethany. “How did you find her?”
Bethany ran her fingers down Sapphire’s spine. “I was exploring the hedge in my backyard the other day —we just moved here, you know— and stumbled across this large egg of some kind.” Bethany took a deep breath. “I didn’t know it was an egg at first, though. I thought it was just some weird rock thing.”
Dylan scooted closer and rested his head in his hands. “Then what happened?”
“I took it inside and placed it on my dresser, next to all the other strange things I had found in the hedge. So the next day-“
“What other things?” Dylan interrupted.
Bethany paused for a moment to stop Sapphire from running off again. “Well, so far I’ve found a glass jar of orange sand, a light blue scale kind of like Sapphire’s, and this.” Bethany pulled the pendant out from under her shirt and showed it to Dylan.
He reached forward and squinted at the pendant. “What’s engraved here?”
Bethany shrugged. “Some sort of hieroglyphics. I tried to trace them, but the origin is unknown.”
Dylan rubbed his thumb over the engraving. “So, you don’t know what they say?” he guessed in a rather mocking tone.
Bethany shook her head. “Nope. Neither do you,” she spat.
Dylan raised his eyebrows. “I wouldn’t be so sure.”
“If I can’t trace it, then you most certainly can’t!” Bethany huffed, reaching for her pendant.
Dylan held it out of her reach and scowled. “I studied ancient writing for two and a half years, thank you very much.”
Bethany raised her eyebrows skeptically.
Dylan shrugged. “Well, my dad did.”
Bethany laughed. “That’s totally different.”
Dylan adjusted himself on the floor. “Not really. I know almost everything there is to know about hieroglyphics.”
Suddenly, Bethany had an idea. She placed the pendant in Dylan’s hand. “Do you think you or your dad could figure out what this says?” she asked.
Dylan looked over the pedant once again. “Yeah, we probably could.” He handed it back to Bethany. “But I’m not going to.”
Bethany’s face sunk. “Please? I could really use your help.”
Dylan paused and thought for a moment. He thought about Travis. How would he react? What about the code? The code was never his idea, anyways. He only did it for Travis. And Travis wasn’t here. “Alright, I’ll help you.”
Bethany’s face lit up. “Really?”
Dylan put up his hand. “On one condition: you have to help me with science. I’m so lost in that class right now.”
Bethany grinned. “It’s a deal.” She stuck out her hand.
Dylan frowned. “I don’t shake hands with girls.” Then he got up and walked away.
Bethany looked down at Sapphire in her lap. “He’s a weird one, alright.” And then she placed Sapphire in her backpack and began on her way home.

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