The Story of 2 robbers that took over the city
Stuck In Prison
As a robber, I knew that I needed to escape.... and fast. I got out of bed and opened my box and pulled out a stone that I ripped out of the wall. I was ready.
As I “brushed” my teeth, a guard came by and opened my cell. He looked curiously at me, wondering why I was brushing my teeth. As he stared, I turned around and whipped the rock right into his head. He fell over and a piece of the rock was stuck in his head permanently. Lastly, I stripped out of my clothes and put on the guard’s suit and left him in my clothes and closed the gate behind me.
After I got out without a problem, I noticed another guard leaving the prison to go to their car. As I watched, it gave me an idea. As the guard walked slowly to the car, I jumped up at him and he fell over in fear. As I tried to take his gun and keys, he shot me in the right arm. But I didn’t feel it at all. I kept on swinging punched until he blacked out. As I took his gun and keys, I noticed a huge blood stain on my shirt. So I did what I did to the other guard and I switched clothes.
Finally, as I got into the car I drove away from the prison as I laughed with glee. Until, I heard something go off on the radio in the car. “Prisoner 196483 has escaped his cell, leaving a rock in guard 18273’s head and killing another in the parking lot.” the radio blared out. As I heard the radio, I sped up a little. I didn’t want it to make it noticeable that I wasn’t actually an officer.
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