Broken Candy Hearts
Finley loped along the boardwalk, kicking candy hearts out of the way with every step. He inwardly groaned at the thought that someone would have to clean these up eventually. The candy hearts had been Theo’s idea for when he proposed to Julia. “Propose to her in the language of love, all ‘te amo’ like. Give her big, sprinkle candy hearts all along the way to the cafe,” had been his advice. However, it hadn’t exactly worked out that way.
_Flashback _
“I love you, Julia,” he’d said somewhat sincerely on bended knee. “Will you marry me?” He had known from the moment he asked that he would be refused. “Aww, Fin, you know I like you, but real love? That’s passion, tugging at your heartstrings when you hear her voice. You want to do what she does, not because you like scrapbooking, for example, but because she does and you love her. We don’t have that, Fin, and you know it. If Daddy didn’t have money out the ears, and you guys weren’t strapped for cash, you wouldn’t be proposing. And I know it’s not your fault, so I won’t show you any hard feelings.” She got close, like she was going to kiss him, but he knew she had something else planned. In a breathy voice, she whispered, “But if I ever see your father again, he and I will have words about forcing you to date for money to satisfy his LSD addiction.”
_Back to Present _
Finley crouched and looked under the bench on the end of the pier. He thought he had seen an IPhone; something he hadn’t been aware of until after Daisy left his father and started dating a normal (non-hippy) named Antony. Daisy had been pretty quick to leave his hippy father after Vietnam, when he’d vehemently opposed the draft and she hadn’t. He’d been amazed when Antony had shown him how it could transmit voices, messages and pictures even across and ocean. He picked it up and turned it on. As if in response, it started ringing. A phone call, Finley remembered it was called. The ringtone was pretty, and he stopped to listen to it. A low female voice unaccompanied sang the mournful tune.
_If your lover ever leaves you
And you’re lost in bleak despair
When your hopes and dreams are shattered
Call me, I’ll be there._
He was brought out of his stupor when the call cut off. He immediately rang it back.
“Hello. My name is Finley and I just found this phone. Is there a way for me to return it?” He was answered by a feminine laugh.
“Sweetie, this is your phone now. I do that. I noticed that only lonely people look around enough to find a phone in a relatively unobservable place. So…tell me your problems.”
“Well, if we won’t ever meet, I guess I might as well. I just proposed to my girlfriend and she turned me down.”
“That’s awful!”
“Not so much, considering the context. My dad asked her out for me, because he needed money to buy LSD and her dads rich. I thought she might at least go along with it for a while, ‘cause the old man’d be pretty hard on me for cash otherwise, him being strapped for cash and all.”
“But she turned you down. Aww man, that sucks. Did she let you down gentle, at least?”
“I guess. She just told me that there wasn’t any passion in our relationship and that’s what she was looking for. But she did mention that if she ever saw me dad again, she’d be pretty mad.”
“Oh, well that’s good at least. Do you want to talk about anything else?”
“Not right now, thanks. Maybe later though?”
“Yeah sure, that sounds great!”
“K, bye.”
“Au revoir!” she finished, and he heard her blow a kiss right before she ended the call.
Finley hung up the phone, feeling slightly better. He looked down at his phone and saw a new message. Txt me, ok?
Sure, he replied. Just as he hit send, he ran into someone and fell down. He scrambled up and held out a hand to the brunette with slightly crazy hair still lying on the ground, stunned. After helping her up, He noticed her phone on the ground, picked it up, and wiped it off on his jacket. He noticed a new message that read Sure. In addition, the number was the number of the phone that he’d picked up. He smirked slightly and offered her both phones, pushing them into her waiting hand. “I think we’ve met before.”
She smiled back up at him. “I think that we might have.”

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