Love is never a simple thing
Don’t Leave Me Broken Hearted
It all started from a pair of shoes
Today was another school day at Cambridge University. Let me get this straight - no matter how old I am, or will ever be...
I will always hate school.
“It’s not that bad,”Courtney shrugged.
“Of course it’s bad!”I exclaimed, staring down at my torn and battered sneakers.
I begged Mum for a new pair of sneakers, but as always, she’d just laughed and say it looks brand new.
Which I knew wasn’t the case.
“Oh, c’mon,”she complained,”It’s fine. No one’d notice. We’ll go out today to find you some nice ones.”
I frowned, thinking hard. “Can’t.”
“Why not?”
“I’ve got work in the office today after school.”
That was my tight schedule. My name is Taylor, and I’m nineteen. By that age, I’m now working as the office manager and also still studying in a university. Let’s just say I’ve been working hard my whole life, concentrating on nothing else except for my studies. The course of constant studying paid off well.
Courtney wasn’t working, but she attended the same university as mine, and not to mention most of the classes we attend to are the same.
Which is purely coincidental.
I guess.
If my Mum hadn’t dealt with the staff herself.
Back to my shoes.
Since I had no choice, and there’s only an hour left before class starts, we decided our only bargain was to hope no one noticed my shoes. That was slightly impossible, because some of the boys there are truly childish at heart and would certainly taunt me, but I guess I’ll just have to ignore them.
We rushed off to the university, taking a cab since my car broke down yesterday after a long drive through the highway.
It may sound ridiculous to you, but I’ve never had a crush before, not even in high school. Which means you can probably guess how much going to this university meant to me. I never looked at boys twice, because almost everyone says boys shouldn’t be trusted. Not until they have a steady job. Which some of the boys in this university actually do.
But now that I’ve started opening a slight gap in my heart for one single man to enter, I think I might actually be ready for a relationship, considering the fact I never had one before.
We reached the school with about a quarter of an hour to spare. Courtney hugged me tightly and say,”We don’t have the same class during first lesson. I’ll see you later, Tay.”
And with a quick rush of a smile, she headed off in the other direction.
Leaving me alone.
Having to face the teasing bestowed upon my shoes.
I had a feeling this wasn’t about to go well.
“Hey, look, nice shoes!”a boy whom I’ve never talked to exclaimed, which broke the silence of the room.
They all burst into laughter, where some girls who sat behind giggled, trying hard not to laugh like all the others have.
Immature, I thought.
I chose my seat at the back, regaining my composure, covering my face with my long blonde hair, trying to cover the view of my exposed shoe. I looked down, trying to ignore the laughter.
Oh boy.
But through the gaps of my hair, I saw a boy sitting in front, looking up at me and smiling, since the seats in the university was like stairs; it goes higher every row back.
The boy who was smiling at me was Damon, the most popular guy in the class. Or that’s what everyone told me. I was surprised he wasn’t laughing like everyone else, because he’s usually the big famous joker in the university.
And I’m even more surprised that he actually glanced my way, since he never ever noticed me before.
I just wasn’t the popular type, because I’m too wrapped up in my books to ever care what I wear or how I look. Besides, he’s been dating girls since forever.
He quickly turned around as our professor stepped into the class. But I could see him trying to glance at me every time the professor wasn’t looking our way.
Suddenly, I could feel vibration in my pocket, the outcome of having silenced my phone and having set it on vibrate.
I almost choked when I saw who it was.
I suddenly remembered me giving him my phone number when we were to meet for our second project of the year. That was almost the only time I had ever spoken to him. Weird, ain’t it?
Damon: So, Ms Shoe, how are you enjoying your day?
Me: We shouldn’t be texting.
Damon: Makes sense. Alright, fine, see you at lunch break.
I clicked off my phone, not bothering to answer. Does he mean that he was going to meet me at lunch, or does he only say that because we are having lunch break at the same time?
Well, I guess I’ll just have to find out for myself.

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