Broken Hope
“I want to change!” he pleaded, tears filling his eyes. “I don’t want to do this anymore! I-I don’t want to be this-this monster anymore!”
But the person in the hooded cloak said nothing. He only shook his head, and turned away. Leaving Adam all alone. That only sent one message to Adam, There was no going back from what he had become.
The group was packing for the long journey ahead. The horses shook their manes as the group of five placed their full packs on their backs. Alma was patting her horse’s neck, while feeding it a sweet red apple. She was murmuring kind words into the steed’s ear. Alma had copper hair, and had beautiful, amber eyes.
Talia was positioned in a tall tree. Her body was stretched between two large branches, and her arm reached for an apple. As soon as her hand clasped around it, she yanked it free and let it fall free to the ground. Josh was there, holding a basket, ready to catch the falling apple. He already had a heap of distinct red and green hues from the numerous apples.
Rodger was positioning a saddle on his horse. He went around and around. Tightening straps here and there, making sure everything was in perfect order. He then placed six large wool blankets strategically on the back of two horses.
Cleo was coming out of the pile of all the luggage and possessions they were taking on their mission with her shoulders and hands filled with weapons. She had two bows strapped in an X across her slender back, and also two full quivers of beautifully delicate arrows balanced on her back. In her outstretched hands she held an assortment of long swords, spears, daggers, a crossbow, and a dangerous double-headed ax. She took careful, steady steps to make sure she didn’t drop any of the sharp weapons.
These five teenagers were Adam’s team. The six of them were picked specifically for a critical mission, one that could either condemn their world to destruction, or one to save all humanity.
Adam had enormous faith and trust in this team, his team. They had come together, and were able to relate, work, and just be together. They were a team, a family, and Adam was commanded to destroy that bond.
From the first day when he was told he was going to save the world, an influence had come into his life. The man in the hooded cloak had taken control. The man had commanded Adam not to get attached to the group because, right before this great mission was complete, Adam was to destroy it. He was to kill every single one of them.
Talia, Josh, Cleo, Rodger, Alma: all of them were going to die under Adam’s hand.
Adam didn’t want to do it. He tried to resist and refuse to do it, but the man had a dangerous control over him. Adam was just too afraid to do it. But even though Adam didn’t care about his life, whether he lived or died, the man still had a foothold in Adam’s choices. Nothing Adam could do would change it.
Adam came out of the woods with his full pail, and struggled over to where Rodger and Alma were tending to the horses. He set the full pail by the horses and wiped his brow.
“Where were you, Adam? I asked you to get water ages ago!” Alma said with a slight quiet smile. Her eyes captivated Adam, and he found himself grinning widely.
“Well, there was this big bear...” He said with a smile, joking around with Alma, but really he wanted to scream, Alma! I am nothing you think I am! I am going to kill you, kill the team! There’s nothing I can do to stop it! Run, Alma. Get as far away from me as you can, because I am a monster! But he couldn’t do that.
“Yeah, I bet you scared him away, didn’t you?” She laughed to herself, and dipped an apple in the water to clean it off.
“Well, you know, of course I did.” Adam beamed.
They both heard a crack of a tree branch, and then a soft thud against the ground. They turned to see Talia dusting herself off and Josh right behind her with the basket blocking his face. Cleo was also coming towards them.
They were ready to start and accomplish their mission. Everyone now was crowded in a circle, just looking for the first time at what friendship they had together, what trust had developed between them.
And it crushed Adam. It crushed his heart and soul to see what trust would be broken and destroyed when he would accomplish his own mission.
It was night, and the team had stopped to rest. They were all asleep for the night, curled up by the dying embers of the fire. Everyone was sleeping... except Adam. He held a knife, and was positioned over Alma. The one person he had grown so attached to, was the very person he was to kill first.
He stood there, the knife waiting to be plunged into the person below him. How could he do this? They were his friends, family, team, they were the people who accepted him as who he was.
“Kill her. Kill her now!” whispered a voice.
“No, I love her.” Adam resisted.
“Do it NOW!” The voice yelled, pain erupted in Adam.
“NO!” Adam shouted into the night. He dropped the knife, and fell away from Alma. He held his head tightly with his hands, and rocked back and forth. Voices from his friends came into his hearing.
“What’s happening?”
“Why does Adam have a knife?”
And then the one voice, Alma’s, “Adam, what’s going on?”
But none of those mattered, the man no longer had control over him. “I’m free.”
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