short stories about mysticism and deviance
Broken Stars, Broken Hearts, But We Will Never Fall Apart.
The Raven’s Folk Of The Fire Hills
On the edge StarFire wood,
Where flame-scorched skies burnt The Hills Of Fire,
There was the Raven’s Folk,
Proud and mystical beings,
They fashioned Deviance charms from the Fire Wood trees,
The timber which had been torched by the flaming skies of EverMore,
They caught Deviance spirits and put their energies into the charms,
But these magical beings are far more important than you may think,
They guarded us against the darkness and all its evil,
Each time it tried to creep up slowly behind the hills,
They fought it away again,
If they were to have gone we would have been overrun by evil,
They are our Spera.

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