But, what if I don’t?
How did you know?
“Don’t you think Damien is just so cute?”, Reese asked me. All she seems to talk about anymore is him, some other boy, or Rebecca.
“You see thing is I’m not exactly attracted to men, well not usually at least, and not jerks like him.” Is what I would say, but you see I’m not about to out myself, nor have to deal with her after I insult her precious Damien. I’m not exactly sure what it is I identify as. I like to say I’m bi leaning more towards woman, but I’m not sure. All I know is it’s really complicated. “Well, um, not really no.”, I sheepishly replied.
“Oh, sweet, young, innocent Marina, don’t worry you’ll start liking boys when your older”, she answers.
“Hey, you’re not even a year older than me so don’t start with that.”, I shout in response.
“Okay, okay, whatever. Anyway, so I’ll have to skip going to the movies with you Friday since Rebecca invited me to a party. She said she’d invite you but she knows you’re not really into that.”, She says even though it’s kind of obvious Rebecca doesn’t want me around and is just making excuses.
“But this is the third time in a row you’ve cancelled on me. That movie is only going to be in theaters for another week and you promised.”, I yell putting up a fight. We’ve barely spent any time together in the past month.
“I’m going to that party and you can either go see it yourself or we’ll go next week. I hardly ever get to go to these things so just be happy for me.”, she says with a sigh.
I mutter a fine because I know she won’t skip that party even though she was at one last week. Thankfully the bell rings and we head off to our separate classes.
Author’s Note:
Hi guys. It has been a really long time since I’ve posted anything. Hasn’t it? Do any of you remember that one book about cats I was working on? I think that was the last thing I wrote on here. That was almost two years ago. But I am back and with a brand new book. Why? Because I stumbled back on here a couple of months ago, wrote this, forgot about, came back today (which was probably a month ago by the time this gets out of moderation), fixed some things, and published it. (I’ve also been questioning my sexuality and gender a lot lately.) Oh, and if you’re wondering it is currently the eighth of September, a Friday, and it’s three a.m. Why am I awake right now? Oh, right a hurricane is making it’s way to Florida. Guess what? That’s where I live, south Florida that is. I’m scared and worried. I am also worried about those who have already been hit by hurricane Irma.
Sorry this first chapter was so short, but I’m trying to get back into the hang of things. I’m sure you can guess what this book is going to be about, but if not you’ll have a nice suprise.
I’m now realizing that people I know and am constantly around in real life are on this website. Oh no.
Also, if you notice any spelling mistakes, grammer errors, or anything confusing please tell me so I can fix it. I won’t get mad.
This was long, almost longer than the actual chapter. I hope you all like this.
-ParisTheCat (you can also call me Raine or Jules)
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