Who knew moving was so hard?
Bye Michigan Memories
Moving Day
I carefully put my fairy snow globe with a fairy inside and which glitter fell when you shook it into the brown moving box. It was one of my favorite things. It made me feel emotions that can not be described and varied most of the time.
Then I pulled it back out.
I held it and thought, “No this is all a dream, no we’re not moving to Texas. We are staying right here in Michigan where we belong!”
A sudden, “Rielle! Are you ready?” came from downstairs.
“Almost!” I yelled back
I sat down on my empty bed and started to cry. We just couldn’t be moving to Texas. I would miss everything. Everything! Including my grumpy, old teacher, Mr. Garrison.
“Rielle! I know this is hard but, please, we have to leave now!”
It was time.
“I’m coming!” I yelled
I put my fairy snow globe back in the box and then carried all four down to the kitchen. My mom saw me crying. She took my boxes and gave them to Marcus, my 15 year-old brother who took them to the car. She came over and hugged me and wiped my tears with her thumb.
“Mommy,” I said.
She spoke nothing for a while cut then she said through her tears,
“I’ll miss this place too,”
“A lot. I’m sorry honey,”
I let her go.
“We better leave,” I whispered
“We better. (deep breath) Ok, this is it,” she said.
I stepped out into the garage and got in our blue van. Marcus sat in the back and started texting of course, and my 5 year-old brother, Brian sat next to me in the middle and played with his trains. I just sat there. I thought about texting my friends, but what’s the point? I mean, I’ll never see them again in person.
Then the van started to move. I took a deep breath and tried not to cry. I know this is weird, but I actually waved bye to our house.
Hey Guys, I wanted to thank you for reading!!I really hope you like it. I will be making more chapters, and little hint, there will be a...sorry, just can’t do it!!You’ll just have to find out!!Please comment either kindly suggested suggestions or good feedback. Yah so if you don’t know how to pronounce Rielle, it is RIE-ELLE, Bye -Happypanda88
P.S-Please check out my other stories!!
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