Pencil led snaps in frustration. The clicking stops. good thing, too. They only needed a moment of silence before it starts back up again. a mistake; they raise their hands in anger and hit they walls. The smell of ink fills the room, chocking them. They ppaused to cough, then the tapping continues, faster and harder than before. As the ribbon snaps, a single tear is shed. It drops to the paper; ink washing away. Ruined; it could be worse. Then it was. Flames; they rip towards the room. They lick at the typewriter, fingers still on it. Burns; ungrateful, merciless, burns borm and blister. A silent shreak. They run, barely making it out. One is left behind, meltingin the fire. The other, alone. Caughing; she runs. Out, must escape. Stove on fire, grill on fire, parents persihing. More tears, like a flood, washing away the fire. It fights back, winning. She makes a mistake; she takes it all in. When a flame licks at her foot, she runs. Fire spreads. Seconds before she gets out of the house, it all engulfs in flames.
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