Sometimes all you need is a fresh start
Jack’s Perspective
Dear Ms Smith,
It has come to our attention that your son Jackson James Smith or “Jack” was apprehended at a local gas station last Saturday for theft. We regret to inform you that ANY TYPE of criminal misdemeanor caused or attempted be students of North West High school results in a breach in the school contact and immediate expulsion. Because of this Jack will NOT be invited back to school for the next semester. He (accompanied by an adult chaperone) IS permitted to revisit North West High school on Saturday April 5th to retrieve his personal belongings. We hope that Jack is able to find a different school that better suits his needs, and also recommend that he visit one of the following programs below for at-risk youth.
With Deepest Sympathies,
David S. Richardson
Principal of North West High
I KNEW that snobby school wouldn’t ‘invite’ me back! As if I wanted to be ‘invited’ anyways. Still I know this will upset mom so I’m going to rip this letter up and flush it down the toilet as soon as I get the chance. You must be confused. I’m Jack (Don’t Ever Call Me Jackson) Smith and my parole officer (Officer Pearce) is forcing me to keep this journal. Well forcing isn’t the write word. She ‘politely’ suggested that I keep a journal. I said forget it. Then she made it mandatory, AND she told Mom... Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not your typical mama’s boy. If it were up to me I wouldn’t even be writing in this. But Mom went into super parent mode and locked me in here until I wrote an entry. That surprised me since Mom’s always been pretty relaxed when it comes to parenting me. But I guess when your son becomes a juvenile delinquent your parenting style changes. Anyway. I don’t know what else to put here. Officer Pearce told Mom she wants each entry to be at least a page long but I doubt either of them will actually read this so here’s my page filler:
(A big old nothing)
Oh I almost forgot!
(Happy Now?)
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